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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gloria tell Savannah about an organization called Black Women on the Move?
(a) Savannah might have heard of the organization.
(b) She is president of the organization.
(c) She wants to start a chapter in Phoenix.
(d) Savannah may be interested.

2. Why is Robin's mother always pleased to see Robin?
(a) She is very lonely and living by herself.
(b) It reminds her of when Robin was a child and would come home from a day of playing with friends.
(c) Robin is her favorite child.
(d) Robin's father has Alzheimer's disease and it is hard to watch his capacities diminish.

3. Why does Tarik apologize to his mother?
(a) For dropping out of school.
(b) For not coming home.
(c) For not coming home to see his father.
(d) For arguing with her.

4. Why is Tarik outraged?
(a) His mother does not believe him.
(b) He is expelled for no reason.
(c) HIs friends have left him to deal with the authorities.
(d) He and his friends' First Amendment rights have been violated.

5. From whom does Tarik tell Gloria that she had some phone calls?
(a) Robin and Philip.
(b) David.
(c) Michael.
(d) Bernadine.

6. Who is Kenneth Dawkins?
(a) Savanah's ex-fiance, who is now living in Boston.
(b) Savannah's best friend from high school.
(c) Savanna's attractive realtor.
(d) A man whom Savannah had dated while living in Boston a few years ago.

7. What has John just informed Bernadine?
(a) He is quitting his job.
(b) He is moving the family to Scottsdale.
(c) He is leaving her for his bookkeeper.
(d) He is moving out.

8. Who does Bernadine see at the bar that she knows?
(a) Hannah Wright.
(b) Herbert Webster.
(c) Sarah Hughes.
(d) Harold Carrison.

9. Why does she decide to see him again?
(a) She feels sorry for him.
(b) He is handsome.
(c) He seems sincere in getting to know her as a real person.
(d) He is wealthy.

10. What is Robin's reason for waking Michael one morning?
(a) She wants to tell him she loves him.
(b) She plans on telling him she does no longer wants to see him.
(c) She wants to make him breakfast in bed.
(d) He has to get up early for work.

11. Why do Savannah's mother and sister, Sheila, worry about Savannah still being unmarried?
(a) She is the only one left unmarried.
(b) She is lonely.
(c) She is 36 years old.
(d) She is depressed.

12. What is Robin and Michael's first evening date?
(a) A nice dinner downtown.
(b) A movie.
(c) Robin invites Michael to dinner at her apartment.
(d) A gala at an art museum.

13. What is a good enough reason, to Robin, to break up with Michael?
(a) He is fat.
(b) His planets do not align with hers.
(c) He is lazy.
(d) He is ugly.

14. When Bernadine returns home, what does she realize?
(a) Savannah has arrived and the two old friends sit on the patio and talk until dawn.
(b) Her children will not be upset about the divorce.
(c) She no longer has a husband to deal with.
(d) She has left the stove on.

15. By what is Bernadine outraged?
(a) John making decisions without discussing them with her.
(b) John's thoughtlessness towards her needs.
(c) John's nonchalance at the destruction of their life.
(d) John moving the family without consulting her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Robin upset about seeing Michael?

2. What makes Gloria's thoughts turn to her own dismal love life?

3. About what does Gloria talk to Tarik?

4. Who does Gloria Mathews yell at to turn down his stereo and call Philip?

5. As Savannah looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is pleased overall but what does she wish?

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