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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Tarik apologize to his mother?
(a) For not coming home.
(b) For dropping out of school.
(c) For not coming home to see his father.
(d) For arguing with her.

2. Arriving at John's software company, what does Bernadine do?
(a) Makes an appointment to meet with him.
(b) Barges in on him in a meeting.
(c) Set the building on fire.
(d) Bursts in on John and Kathleen in John's office.

3. As Savannah looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is pleased overall but what does she wish?
(a) She had bought a new necklace.
(b) She had gone to the salon to get her hair styled.
(c) She had bigger breasts and less rear end.
(d) She had a prettier nose.

4. What does Robin feel about Russell?
(a) He will fire her if she breaks up with him.
(b) Loathing and hatred.
(c) He is her last chance to achieve her dreams.
(d) He will make a good father for her children.

5. When Bernadine returns home, what does she realize?
(a) She has left the stove on.
(b) Her children will not be upset about the divorce.
(c) Savannah has arrived and the two old friends sit on the patio and talk until dawn.
(d) She no longer has a husband to deal with.

6. What does Gloria learn about Desiree?
(a) She is late once again.
(b) She has bought a home.
(c) She has quit.
(d) She is sick again.

7. What does Robin tell Savannah while they wait for Bernadine and Gloria to arrive?
(a) Not much, because she does not know Robin well.
(b) Her life story and her sense of urgency to marry and have children.
(c) The story of her friendships with Bernadine and Gloria.
(d) About her career and how much she loves it.

8. Where do Robin, Bernadine, Savannah, and Gloria agree to meet for Happy Hour?
(a) At a quiet restaurant.
(b) At Bernadine's home.
(c) At a classy restaurant.
(d) At a bar called Pendleton's.

9. What does Robin Stokes' boyfriend, Russell, refuse to do?
(a) Pay his rent.
(b) Commit to marriage.
(c) Leave her apartment.
(d) Call her back.

10. What does Bernadine's therapist do to help rid her of feelings of sadness?
(a) Tries hypnosis on her.
(b) Recommends talk therapy.
(c) Prescribes an antidepressant.
(d) Suggests she speak with a pastor.

11. On her way home, what does Bernadine do?
(a) Picks up her children from her mother's.
(b) Stops in at the Oasis and has a makeover with a dramatically short haircut and new makeup.
(c) Meets with Savannah.
(d) Stops to buy cigarettes and fill her prescription of Xanax.

12. Why is Savannah's first impression is one of being pleasantly surprised?
(a) The party is serving her favorite hors d'Å“uvre.
(b) The party is beautiful.
(c) Not many blind dates turn out being as handsome as Lionel is.
(d) The band playing is very good.

13. Who sends Robin an anonymous letter detailing Russell's financial and personal instability?
(a) Russell's sister.
(b) Her friend.
(c) Russell's former boss.
(d) A strange woman.

14. What is Gloria shocked to find?
(a) Tarik has dropped out of school.
(b) Tarik has been expelled from school for being in a gang.
(c) Tarik's girlfriend is pregnant.
(d) Tarik has joined the Bloods gang.

15. What does Savannah feel has diminished?
(a) The amount of good restaurants in the city.
(b) The number of executive positions.
(c) The amount of men who just want to be friends.
(d) Her confidence in herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Tarik's gang different from the Crips and Bloods?

2. To where does Robin invite herself, much to Savannah's chagrin?

3. When Savannah arrives at the hotel, what is she surprised to see?

4. Why do Robin and Savannah promise to meet?

5. What has Bernadine's attorney discovered about John?

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