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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gloria think about after Tarik leaves to be with his friends?
(a) Whether or not Tarik will graduate from high school.
(b) Whether or not Tarik will visit his father.
(c) Her hopes that Tarik will behave responsibly and not jeopardize his future by getting a girl pregnant.
(d) Her hopes that Tarik will not get into trouble with the police.

2. What does Savannah feel has diminished?
(a) The amount of men who just want to be friends.
(b) Her confidence in herself.
(c) The number of executive positions.
(d) The amount of good restaurants in the city.

3. What does Bernadine do with John's clothes and his car?
(a) Puts them in the garage.
(b) Drenches the clothing and the car in lighter fluid, throws a match inside the car.
(c) Puts them out on the street for sale.
(d) Drives the car and the clothes in the river.

4. What is Robin's reason for waking Michael one morning?
(a) He has to get up early for work.
(b) She wants to tell him she loves him.
(c) She plans on telling him she does no longer wants to see him.
(d) She wants to make him breakfast in bed.

5. Why does Lionel use Savannah for transportation to get to Arizona?
(a) He wants to get to know her better.
(b) He does not have the money to travel on his own.
(c) He wants to spend time with her.
(d) He has no one else to travel with.

6. From whom does Tarik tell Gloria that she had some phone calls?
(a) Michael.
(b) Bernadine.
(c) David.
(d) Robin and Philip.

7. For how long does Gloria ground Tarik?
(a) Three days.
(b) Three weeks.
(c) Three months.
(d) She does not ground him.

8. As Savannah looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is pleased overall but what does she wish?
(a) She had gone to the salon to get her hair styled.
(b) She had bigger breasts and less rear end.
(c) She had bought a new necklace.
(d) She had a prettier nose.

9. Why is Tarik outraged?
(a) He and his friends' First Amendment rights have been violated.
(b) HIs friends have left him to deal with the authorities.
(c) His mother does not believe him.
(d) He is expelled for no reason.

10. How does Bernadine's mother, Geneva, feel about the excuse her daughter gives for leaving her children with her?
(a) Mildly suspicious.
(b) Scared.
(c) Angry.
(d) Confident.

11. What does John urge Bernadine to accept?
(a) That their divorce is inevitable.
(b) His offer to settle out of court with a check for three hundred thousand dollars.
(c) His relationship with Kathleen.
(d) That she will not get much of his money.

12. Why does Tarik apologize to his mother?
(a) For not coming home to see his father.
(b) For arguing with her.
(c) For not coming home.
(d) For dropping out of school.

13. Why does Philip need to be called?
(a) There is a water leak at the salon.
(b) To let him know that Gloria is running late.
(c) Gloria needs some repair work done on her home.
(d) Gloria needs to set up a hair appointment with Philip.

14. How is Tarik's gang different from the Crips and Bloods?
(a) They do not kill other people.
(b) They wear different colors.
(c) They do not recruit in school.
(d) They do not do violent or negative activities.

15. What does Robin feel about Russell?
(a) Loathing and hatred.
(b) He will make a good father for her children.
(c) He is her last chance to achieve her dreams.
(d) He will fire her if she breaks up with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Robin comes to the realization that Michael is a nice, considerate man, but why does she want to end the relationship?

2. Where does Bernadine take her children?

3. Who is Kenneth Dawkins?

4. Who does Gloria Mathews yell at to turn down his stereo and call Philip?

5. Why will Philip not be at work for a few days?

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