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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Friendship.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what is Robin surprised when she calls Michael's home?
(a) The phone is disconnected.
(b) A child answers the phone.
(c) It is the wrong number.
(d) A woman answers the phone.

2. When they reach Phoenix, Savannah drives to a travel agency to purchase an airline ticket for Lionel's return to Denver. For what does Lionel ask?
(a) The cash she would have expended on a ticket.
(b) To ride in first class.
(c) To come back to Denver with him.
(d) To have a train ticket instead.

3. Where does Bernadine discover that John has been devious in his financial matters that will impact the scope of the divorce settlement?
(a) When she speaks with John's mother.
(b) During her first meeting with her divorce attorney.
(c) In the divorce hearing.
(d) At a meeting with John.

4. Why does Troy claim that the drugs do not interfere with his life?
(a) He uses them for purely recreational reasons.
(b) He uses them often but in small doses.
(c) He has done drugs for a couple of decades and is immune to their effects.
(d) He can function normally after using drugs.

5. How does Bernadine feel when she learns this about John?
(a) Ashamed and fearful.
(b) Not surprised and annoyed.
(c) Sad and depressed.
(d) Hurt and shocked.

Short Answer Questions

1. What phone messages is Robin deleting?

2. What does Michael say when Robin calls his home?

3. How is Gloria four days later?

4. Why do Robin and Savannah promise to meet?

5. Why does Robin wish she could provide the finances for her father's care?

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