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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monsoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Savannah realize about Kenneth?
(a) He only wants to sleep with her.
(b) He had been in love with her when they dated.
(c) He is very egotistical.
(d) He is annoying and rude.

2. How is Tarik's gang different from the Crips and Bloods?
(a) They do not recruit in school.
(b) They wear different colors.
(c) They do not do violent or negative activities.
(d) They do not kill other people.

3. Why is Savannah satisfied with moving to Phoenix and taking a $12,000 pay cut?
(a) She will be near her family.
(b) She will be working in a career she enjoys.
(c) Phoenix is more beautiful than where she is currently living.
(d) The cost of living is lower.

4. What does Gloria do before donning a robe and going downstairs?
(a) She looks at herself in the mirror.
(b) She swallows a blood pressure pill.
(c) She calls Philip.
(d) She brushes her teeth.

5. Why does Robin call Troy?
(a) She wants to ask a favor of him.
(b) She wants to meet him for dinner.
(c) She likes him more than Michael.
(d) She does not want to be alone tonight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bernadine take to calm her nerves?

2. What does she tell her mother is the reason for leaving the children there?

3. What is Robin's reason for waking Michael one morning?

4. To what do the members of Black Women on the Move maintain support?

5. Who does Bernadine see at the bar that she knows?

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