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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monsoon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bernadine returns home, what does she realize?
(a) She no longer has a husband to deal with.
(b) Her children will not be upset about the divorce.
(c) Savannah has arrived and the two old friends sit on the patio and talk until dawn.
(d) She has left the stove on.

2. What does Savannah resent about the executive world?
(a) It is not as exciting as she had thought it would be.
(b) How wealthy they are.
(c) That they do not take responsibility for their actions and put the blame on people such as herself.
(d) It is male-dominated and keeps her in a middle management position.

3. How does Savannah respond when Robin suggests that perhaps they should consider dating white men?
(a) She has no interest in doing that.
(b) She despises white men.
(c) She is already secretly dating a white man.
(d) She thinks it is a wonderful idea.

4. Why does Troy claim that the drugs do not interfere with his life?
(a) He can function normally after using drugs.
(b) He uses them for purely recreational reasons.
(c) He has done drugs for a couple of decades and is immune to their effects.
(d) He uses them often but in small doses.

5. When Kenneth does arrive this evening, what does Savannah realize about him?
(a) He loves his family very much.
(b) He is not as attractive as he had been years ago.
(c) He is still extremely handsome and charming.
(d) He has a large ego and talks only of himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom does Savannah receive a phone call, inviting her to dinner?

2. How does Gloria know her friends have arrived?

3. How does Bernadine react to Gloria's suggestion that she find a better job?

4. How is Michael different from the other men Robin has dated?

5. When they reach Phoenix, Savannah drives to a travel agency to purchase an airline ticket for Lionel's return to Denver. For what does Lionel ask?

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