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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Killing Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bernadine meet at the Ritz-Carlton bar?
(a) James Wheeler.
(b) James Dean.
(c) James Wright.
(d) James Carter.

2. What does she tell her mother is the reason for leaving the children there?
(a) She is starting a new job.
(b) She and John are going on a romantic trip.
(c) She needs some time to think.
(d) She needs a vacation.

3. What decision is made at the Black Women on the Move meeting?
(a) Bernadine is sworn in as president.
(b) Where they will hold their next meeting.
(c) The annual Sisters' Nite Out is cancelled.
(d) They vote on the location of the Sisters' Nite Out.

4. What does Bernadine do with John's clothes and his car?
(a) Drives the car and the clothes in the river.
(b) Puts them in the garage.
(c) Drenches the clothing and the car in lighter fluid, throws a match inside the car.
(d) Puts them out on the street for sale.

5. When Kenneth does arrive this evening, what does Savannah realize about him?
(a) He is still extremely handsome and charming.
(b) He loves his family very much.
(c) He is not as attractive as he had been years ago.
(d) He has a large ego and talks only of himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Bernadine and Gloria claim about Ted?

2. Why is Robin apprehensive about Michael?

3. Why is Tarik outraged?

4. What is Gloria shocked to find?

5. Why does Bernadine not remember leaving her two small children asleep in their beds and has a difficult time remembering how to get back home?

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