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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Killing Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gloria learn about Desiree?
(a) She is sick again.
(b) She is late once again.
(c) She has bought a home.
(d) She has quit.

2. How does Herbert react when Bernadine tells him she does not want to see him?
(a) He falls to his knees and begs her to not leave him.
(b) He refuses to believer her.
(c) He leaves in a bad mood.
(d) He gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

3. From whom does Savannah receive a phone call, inviting her to dinner?
(a) Michael.
(b) Lionel.
(c) Gloria.
(d) Her brother.

4. Why does Bernadine leave the Scottsdale Princess resort?
(a) She had not realized how expensive it was.
(b) The atmosphere in the restaurant is too sedate for Bernadine's mood.
(c) Her meal was not adequate.
(d) The decor is very tacky.

5. Why does Bernadine sideline her own wish to open a catering business?
(a) She becomes pregnant with John's two children and did not have time to start up her business.
(b) John never feels that the time is right to take the risk.
(c) John thinks she would be better in real estate.
(d) She does not have the training to run a catering business.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Gloria's thoughts turn to her own dismal love life?

2. What does Savannah realize about Kenneth?

3. What decision is made at the Black Women on the Move meeting?

4. About what is Robin surprised when she calls Michael's home?

5. Why does Robin tolerate Russell's indifference?

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