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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Killing Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Savannah forget to get the oil changed in her car and is chain-smoking all morning?
(a) She is worried about Bernadine.
(b) She did not get enough sleep.
(c) She is so nervous anticipating Kenneth's arrival.
(d) She is wondering about Troy and Robin.

2. Where does Bernadine discover that John has been devious in his financial matters that will impact the scope of the divorce settlement?
(a) During her first meeting with her divorce attorney.
(b) In the divorce hearing.
(c) When she speaks with John's mother.
(d) At a meeting with John.

3. Who does Bernadine meet at the Ritz-Carlton bar?
(a) James Carter.
(b) James Wheeler.
(c) James Dean.
(d) James Wright.

4. What about Michael repulses Robin?
(a) His overweight body.
(b) His eating habits.
(c) His incessant talking.
(d) His clothing style.

5. Bernadine is torn between wanting to kick John out and what?
(a) Moving out herself.
(b) Ordering him to stay.
(c) Calling the police.
(d) Begging him to stay.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Gloria Mathews yell at to turn down his stereo and call Philip?

2. What is a good enough reason, to Robin, to break up with Michael?

3. What decision is made at the Black Women on the Move meeting?

4. How does Bernadine's mother, Geneva, feel about the excuse her daughter gives for leaving her children with her?

5. What does Bernadine do with John's clothes?

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