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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Steam.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Savannah satisfied with moving to Phoenix and taking a $12,000 pay cut?
(a) Phoenix is more beautiful than where she is currently living.
(b) The cost of living is lower.
(c) She will be working in a career she enjoys.
(d) She will be near her family.

2. Who is Kenneth Dawkins?
(a) Savanah's ex-fiance, who is now living in Boston.
(b) Savanna's attractive realtor.
(c) Savannah's best friend from high school.
(d) A man whom Savannah had dated while living in Boston a few years ago.

3. What does Savannah vow to stop doing in the new year?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Staying up late.
(c) Complaining.
(d) Smoking.

4. What does Savannah hope the new year will bring?
(a) New and exciting experiences to reminisce the rest of her life.
(b) New friends in Phoenix.
(c) A career that she can enjoy and do until retirement.
(d) A man she can love, and who will love her completely in return.

5. Arriving at John's software company, what does Bernadine do?
(a) Bursts in on John and Kathleen in John's office.
(b) Barges in on him in a meeting.
(c) Makes an appointment to meet with him.
(d) Set the building on fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Michael different from the other men Robin has dated?

2. What does Bernadine do after she takes another Xanax?

3. On her way home, what does Bernadine do?

4. What does Robin Stokes' boyfriend, Russell, refuse to do?

5. What does Gloria think about after Tarik leaves to be with his friends?

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