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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Steam.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lionel use Savannah for transportation to get to Arizona?
(a) He wants to get to know her better.
(b) He has no one else to travel with.
(c) He does not have the money to travel on his own.
(d) He wants to spend time with her.

2. What makes Gloria's thoughts turn to her own dismal love life?
(a) Tarik's acknowledgement that he is in a relationship.
(b) Her schedule of things to do.
(c) The For Sale sign at the house across the street.
(d) Her evening with Tarik's father.

3. The attorney tells Bernadine that John had sold his partnership in the software company for only three thousand dollars and is now a regular salaried employee making eighty thousand dollars. How much had a previously been making?
(a) Eight hundred thousand dollars.
(b) Forty thousand dollars.
(c) Four hundred thousand dollars.
(d) Four million dollars.

4. What does Savannah notice when she picks up Lionel at his house?
(a) It has a for sale sign in front of it.
(b) It is much smaller and sparsely furnished than she had been led to believe.
(c) It is larger than she had expected.
(d) A woman answers the door.

5. As Savannah looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is pleased overall but what does she wish?
(a) She had gone to the salon to get her hair styled.
(b) She had bigger breasts and less rear end.
(c) She had a prettier nose.
(d) She had bought a new necklace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Robin's reason for waking Michael one morning?

2. Where do Savannah and Robin meet?

3. When Bernadine returns home, what does she realize?

4. Why do Robin and Savannah promise to meet?

5. Why does Robin tolerate Russell's indifference?

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