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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Interstate Lust.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gloria think about after Tarik leaves to be with his friends?
(a) Her hopes that Tarik will not get into trouble with the police.
(b) Whether or not Tarik will visit his father.
(c) Whether or not Tarik will graduate from high school.
(d) Her hopes that Tarik will behave responsibly and not jeopardize his future by getting a girl pregnant.

2. Why is Savannah's first impression is one of being pleasantly surprised?
(a) The band playing is very good.
(b) The party is serving her favorite hors d'Å“uvre.
(c) The party is beautiful.
(d) Not many blind dates turn out being as handsome as Lionel is.

3. Why does Philip need to be called?
(a) There is a water leak at the salon.
(b) To let him know that Gloria is running late.
(c) Gloria needs some repair work done on her home.
(d) Gloria needs to set up a hair appointment with Philip.

4. Why does Bernadine sideline her own wish to open a catering business?
(a) She becomes pregnant with John's two children and did not have time to start up her business.
(b) John thinks she would be better in real estate.
(c) John never feels that the time is right to take the risk.
(d) She does not have the training to run a catering business.

5. What does Bernadine do with John's clothes?
(a) Calls John to come pick them up.
(b) Dumps them into John's BMW.
(c) Folds them and puts them in a suitcase.
(d) Throws them in the trash.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bernadine not remember leaving her two small children asleep in their beds and has a difficult time remembering how to get back home?

2. What is Savannah Jackson dressing to attend?

3. What does Gloria do before donning a robe and going downstairs?

4. How does Bernadine's mother, Geneva, feel about the excuse her daughter gives for leaving her children with her?

5. By what is Bernadine outraged?

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