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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through BWOTM.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Robin and Savannah promise to meet?
(a) Robin is helping Savannah find a job.
(b) So that Robin can help Savannah find a home.
(c) So that Robin can help acclimate Savannah to the Phoenix area.
(d) Robin has heard all about Savannah.

2. Who is Kenneth Dawkins?
(a) Savanna's attractive realtor.
(b) Savanah's ex-fiance, who is now living in Boston.
(c) A man whom Savannah had dated while living in Boston a few years ago.
(d) Savannah's best friend from high school.

3. What does Gloria think about after Tarik leaves to be with his friends?
(a) Her hopes that Tarik will not get into trouble with the police.
(b) Her hopes that Tarik will behave responsibly and not jeopardize his future by getting a girl pregnant.
(c) Whether or not Tarik will graduate from high school.
(d) Whether or not Tarik will visit his father.

4. What does Gloria discover about Tarik's whereabouts the night before?
(a) He was out on the streets all night.
(b) He had not been with the friend he told her last night but instead had spent time with a girl.
(c) He was at a party.
(d) He went to Las Vegas with his friends.

5. What decision is made at the Black Women on the Move meeting?
(a) Where they will hold their next meeting.
(b) They vote on the location of the Sisters' Nite Out.
(c) The annual Sisters' Nite Out is cancelled.
(d) Bernadine is sworn in as president.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Robin find her wallet?

2. What is a good enough reason, to Robin, to break up with Michael?

3. How does Robin know Michael?

4. What is Robin and Michael's first evening date?

5. What does Robin feel about Russell?

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