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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through BWOTM.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Robin Stokes' boyfriend, Russell, refuse to do?
(a) Call her back.
(b) Pay his rent.
(c) Leave her apartment.
(d) Commit to marriage.

2. To what do the members of Black Women on the Move maintain support?
(a) Breast cancer awareness organizations.
(b) The First Amendment.
(c) Soup kitchens.
(d) Important civic causes.

3. What does Robin not admit about her missing wallet?
(a) That everything was missing from it.
(b) That Troy had robbed her.
(c) She was hoping to be able to buy a new one.
(d) Everything but the money was still there.

4. How does Savannah respond when Robin suggests that perhaps they should consider dating white men?
(a) She thinks it is a wonderful idea.
(b) She despises white men.
(c) She has no interest in doing that.
(d) She is already secretly dating a white man.

5. Where do Savannah and Robin meet?
(a) On the country club golf course.
(b) At Robin's home.
(c) At Pendleton's.
(d) In the steam room at their health club.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will Philip not be at work for a few days?

2. What makes Gloria's thoughts turn to her own dismal love life?

3. Where does Robin find her wallet?

4. What does Savannah resent about the executive world?

5. Why do Robin and Savannah promise to meet?

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