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Denver, Colorado

This is the city where Savannah has lived for the past few years and where she meets Lionel at a New Year's Eve party. Savannah has exhausted all her opportunities here and moves to Phoenix to be closer to her best friend, Bernadine.

Phoenix, Arizona

This is the location of the bulk of the novel's plot line.

Sun City, Arizona

This is a suburb of Phoenix known as a retirement community and the current home of Bernadine's mother, Geneva.

Tucson, Arizona

This is located approximately 100 miles southeast of Phoenix and is the location of Robin's parents' home.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This city is the famous desert city where Savannah has an ill-fated encounter with Charles Taylor during a TV producers' convention.

Circle K Convenience Store

This place is close to Bernadine's home and where she buys cigarettes.


This is the bar where the four women...

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