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Sheila Gordon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tengo must choose between his personal desire for an education and _____________________________.
(a) The need to support his family.
(b) His country's need for change.
(c) The desire to travel.
(d) His father's demands.

2. Life staying familiar is ____________________ for Frikkie.
(a) Wrong.
(b) Comfortable.
(c) Boring.
(d) Crazy.

3. Which of the following is NOT a reason Tengo considers continuing his education?
(a) He can date smart girls.
(b) He wants to get an education.
(c) He will do it abroad.
(d) He will do it for his country.

4. Tengo knows that life will be better if blacks ______________________.
(a) Stayed in their place.
(b) Owned businesses.
(c) Could vote.
(d) Can achieve their goals.

5. Who is the impetus behind Tengo's continuing his education?
(a) Frikkie.
(b) Elijah.
(c) Marcus.
(d) Joseph.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tengo's mother want him to return to the farm?

2. Tengo stops studying and feels __________________.

3. When does Frikkie return to the farm, heartbroken to find that Tengo has gone away to school?

4. One day, Tengo arrives at school to find ______________________.

5. What are the people Tengo finds at the school when he arrives doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Tengo have to ignore his mother's feelings before he departs for school?

2. How does Tengo get caught up in the protests at the school?

3. How does Frikkie adjust to the changes occurring in his world?

4. How does Frikkie feel about the changes occurring in the world?

5. What reason does the reverend give Tengo on the importance of him continuing his education?

6. What does Tengo think is the only thing that will change the lives of his family members?

7. How is Dr. Miller starkly different from the oubaas and his wife?

8. What are Frikkie and Tengo doin in their lives now that they are seventeen-years-old?

9. What does Claire share with Tengo about an integrated community and what is Joseph's opinion of it?

10. What do the oubaas notice about Tengo's mood in Chapter 7?

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