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Sheila Gordon
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Frikkie treated with so much respect on the farm?
(a) He is very generous.
(b) He will inherit the farm one day.
(c) He is white.
(d) He is very smart.

2. Who is Sissie?
(a) Frikkie's mother.
(b) Frikkie's school mate.
(c) Tengo's teacher.
(d) Frikkie's sister.

3. What name does the girl call the man who cleans up the mess at the party?
(a) Boy.
(b) Stupid.
(c) Idiot.
(d) Slacker.

4. How old is Tengo?
(a) 10.
(b) 15.
(c) 7.
(d) 19.

5. Who is Joseph?
(a) Frikkie's father.
(b) Tengo's cousin.
(c) Tengo's father.
(d) Tengo's brother.

6. What does Tengo do when Frikkie and the oubaas have their tea?
(a) Butcher chickens.
(b) Sweep the house.
(c) Wash dishes.
(d) Shoo away flies.

7. Who is Oom Koos?
(a) A fisherman.
(b) A shopkeeper.
(c) A metal worker.
(d) The oubaas.

8. Why does Joseph visit the farm?
(a) He is in training to run a farm.
(b) He needs to get away from bad friends.
(c) He is on a holiday from school.
(d) He has been ill and needs fresh air.

9. Who is Tengo?
(a) The son of the farm's boss-boy.
(b) A farmer.
(c) A chef.
(d) A chauffeur.

10. What is the meaning of kleinbaas?
(a) Long journey.
(b) Master baker.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Young master.

11. Why are Tengo's parents reluctant to let him go to school?
(a) They need his help at home.
(b) They don't want him to know more than they do.
(c) They don't have much money.
(d) His sister died there.

12. What is Frikkie's ethnicity?
(a) Black.
(b) White.
(c) Asian.
(d) Hispanic.

13. Whom does Frikkie's cousin order to clean up the mess on the floor at the party?
(a) Ezra.
(b) Ezekiel.
(c) Isaiah.
(d) Ellis.

14. What is the upcoming celebration in Chapter 6?
(a) National Patriot Day.
(b) New Year's Day.
(c) Christmas.
(d) The oubaas' birthday.

15. What does Tengo think about white men after reading some books?
(a) They make good authority figures.
(b) They have twisted history to suit their needs.
(c) They are more inventive than other people.
(d) They are not very good writers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Frikkie visit during his school break?

2. Where is Tengo when Frikkie tries to find him to say goodbye?

3. What is Tengo doing when Frikkie finds him in Chapter 2?

4. At what age did Tengo and Frikkie become friends?

5. What is a kraal?

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