Waiting for the Rain Short Essay - Answer Key

Sheila Gordon
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1. Who is Frikkie?

Frikkie is the privileged, white nephew of the oubass, the owners of the farm. Frikkie is a city child with all the privileges that entails, including free schooling. Frikkie, however, does not appreciate this education. Frikkie only wants to live on the farm and take care of the animals all day.

2. Who is Tengo?

Tengo is the son of the black family who works for and cares for the farm and the oubass. Tengo cannot go to school unless his parents can pay for it, something that is difficult for a couple making very little in their jobs. Tengo dreams of the world outside of the farm, eager to learn and to explore his world.

3. Why is Frikkie given so much respect on his uncle's farm?

Frikkie is treated with a great deal of respect by all who meet him because it is well known that he will one day inherit the farm from his childless uncle.

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