Objects & Places from Waiting for the Rain

Sheila Gordon
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Tengo begins his education by reading these given to him by the Miller family at a request from his mother.


A cousin of Frikkie's spills this on the floor and demands that Ezekiel clean it up.

Pocket Knife

Tengo attempts to retrieve this from Frikkie's room and is made to feel ashamed after he is caught inside the bedroom of Frikkie's sister.


Frikkie gives this to Sissie to keep her from telling their parents or their aunt and uncle about Tengo's fit of anger over spilled cake.

Milk Mug

As young children, Tengo and Frikkie share this from which they drink a beverage.


Frikkie often encourages Tengo to play this game with him, but Tengo often dislikes Frikkie's dominance and insistence on playing such games.


Tengo takes a sculpture of this animal because he admires it.


Tengo and Frikkie confront one another...

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