Waiting for the Rain Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sheila Gordon
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Part 1: Chapters 1-2

• In Chapter 1, Frederiek, or Frikkie, arrives at his uncle's farm during his school break and goes in search of Tengo, the son of his uncle's boss-boy and the household cook.

• Frikkie is treated with a great deal of respect by all who meet him because it is well known that he will one day inherit the farm from his childless uncle.
• In Chapter 2, Tengo is outside his family's small hut, working with a hunk of clay, when Frikkie finds him.

• Tengo and Frikkie go swimming in the small river where Frikkie taught Tengo to swim a few summers ago.

• Frikkie tells Tengo that he does not plan to do much travel when he is older.

• Frikkie simply wants to get through his matriculation exam so that he can come to live on the farm permanently.

• Frikkie is called to the main house for tea. Tengo...

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