Waiting for the Barbarians Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter I

• A magistrate witnesses the torture of the invaded population.

• Colonel Joll talks about his ways of obtaining the truth from prisoners.

• A family is imprisoned, though the magistrate doesn't think they're a threat, Joll does.

• Interrogations and torture continue through the land.

Chapter II

• The magistrate gives a young blind girl money and tries to hire her.

• The barbarians stay away during the winter months.

• The magistrate and the girl have bathing rituals, but nothing more together.

• The magistrate begins to visit other girls for sex.

Chapter III

• The magistrate decides to take his maid back to her people.

• The magistrate and the girl begin to have sex with each other.

• A purification ceremony is held since the girl got her period.

• The girl decides to stay with her own people.

• The magistrate and his group are discovered by soldiers.

Chapter 4

• The magistrate meets a warrant...

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