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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Addie say about mid-December?
(a) That she is going to try out for a play.
(b) That she has a Stage Orchestra concert.
(c) That it is her birthday.
(d) That she is going to come and stay with them until after Christmas.

2. What does Denise say to Addie as Addie is bringing in the third load of laundry?
(a) That Addie is selfish.
(b) That Denise has changed her mind about Addie visiting Dwight.
(c) That Addie is anxious to get to Dwight's house.
(d) That Addie needs to finish cleaning the house.

3. What does Addie realize about her mom and Pete?
(a) Pete is using her mom.
(b) Her mom is using Pete.
(c) Her mom has not told Pete about Addie.
(d) They are not going to marry.

4. What does Hannah plan to do with her home?
(a) Remodel it into several apartments.
(b) Sell it.
(c) Tear it down and build a modern home.
(d) Make it a bed and breakfast.

5. What does Elliot say Addie might do some day?
(a) Show her mother how smart Addie is.
(b) Move to live with Hannah and Dwight.
(c) Be a famous musician.
(d) Write a hit song.

6. What is in the package Soula gives Addie to open at home?
(a) New underwear.
(b) A book of poetry.
(c) A story about a little girl.
(d) A present for Piccolo.

7. What does Addie tell Hannah Addie will do?
(a) Help bathe the Littles.
(b) Make her own pancakes.
(c) Take the Littles outside to play.
(d) Help clean the porch.

8. What does Addie remember she needs to do when she is over at the minimart?
(a) Call Georgio.
(b) Call her mother.
(c) Call Dwight.
(d) Check on Piccolo.

9. Why does Addie run home from her old school?
(a) She is worried about Denise.
(b) To warm up.
(c) Some boys are chasing her.
(d) She is afraid of getting caught.

10. How does Dwight feel about Addie?
(a) She should live with her paternal grandparents.
(b) She should get more help with her learning disability.
(c) She is his daughter in his heart.
(d) She belongs with her mother.

11. About what does Denise complain concerning Dwight?
(a) That he has not called to say Merry Christmas.
(b) That he loves Addie but not Denise.
(c) That he does not buy cable for them.
(d) That he does not talk to Denise anymore.

12. How long has Denise been gone?
(a) 2 days.
(b) 3 days.
(c) 10 days.
(d) 6 days.

13. What does Addie do with a cardboard box outside the minimart?
(a) Slides down a snow heap.
(b) Puts a baby mouse in it.
(c) Makes Piccolo a bigger home.
(d) Puts some abandoned kittens in it.

14. What does Hannah ask Addie if Addie would like to do?
(a) Katie's diaper.
(b) Read the Littles a bedtime story.
(c) Fix Brynna a bottle.
(d) Fix Katie a bottle.

15. What does Addie tell Dwight about Brynna?
(a) Brynna is smart.
(b) Brynna seems sad.
(c) Brynna is funny.
(d) Brynna is a teaser.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Addie say when Dwight asks her to visit?

2. Where does Dwight say he and the Littles have moved?

3. What do Helena and Addie get when they pass the firehouse?

4. What does Addie give her mother for Christmas?

5. What did Grandio say about the times when Dwight helped on the farm?

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