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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Denise give Addie permission to do?
(a) Take music lessons.
(b) Change schools.
(c) Go over to Soula's each day to help out.
(d) Spend a week with Dwight and Hannah.

2. Why is Addie disappointed when she gets home?
(a) Soula is not in the store.
(b) Her mother is not there to greet her.
(c) She was unable to bring her new puppy home.
(d) Her computer is gone.

3. Where does Dwight say he and the Littles have moved?
(a) To Chicago.
(b) About a mile from where Addie lives.
(c) To Grandio's farm.
(d) Into Hannah's mansion.

4. What does Addie tell her mother about the flute?
(a) She gave it to another student.
(b) She returned it.
(c) She threw it away.
(d) She broke it.

5. What does Elliot say Addie might do some day?
(a) Write a hit song.
(b) Move to live with Hannah and Dwight.
(c) Be a famous musician.
(d) Show her mother how smart Addie is.

6. What does Addie decide after she and Hannah laugh together?
(a) That Hannah is a fake.
(b) That she thinks Hannah is better than Denise.
(c) That Hannah will be good for Dwight.
(d) That Addie really likes Hannah.

7. What did Grandio say about the times when Dwight helped on the farm?
(a) Grandio said he trusted Dwight's judgment more than his own.
(b) It was difficult since Dwight knew nothing about farming.
(c) Grandio worried that Addie would get too attached to Dwight.
(d) It was like having a son again.

8. Where is Hannah's home located?
(a) Lake Placid.
(b) Lake Monroe.
(c) Lake George.
(d) Lake Heron.

9. What was Denise unwilling to do in the past concerning Addie?
(a) Let her visit her paternal grandparents.
(b) Let Dwight have her every other weekend.
(c) Let her live with Georgio.
(d) Sign over her custody rights.

10. What does Addie use to pack her clothes in for the weekend?
(a) A plastic grocery bag.
(b) An old duffel bag that belonged to her biological father.
(c) An old purse that was her mother's.
(d) A paper bag.

11. What has Mommers brought home when she arrives?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Piccolo.
(c) A new beau.
(d) Food from the soup kitchen.

12. Why does Addie insist upon buying a cup of soup at the minimart?
(a) She wants to practise her counting skills.
(b) She does not want to feel obligated to Soula.
(c) She is embarrassed that Denise has no food in the house.
(d) For the thrill of paying for it with her own money.

13. What does Addie tell Hannah Addie once did?
(a) Carried Katie to school.
(b) Made Brynna a bracelet.
(c) Made Katie and Brynna clothes.
(d) Took care of Katie and Brynna for three days by herself.

14. Why does Addie stop checking out library books?
(a) She can't read them.
(b) They no longer can find their library card.
(c) She feels stupid.
(d) They would get lost in the house.

15. What does Addie tell Dwight and Hannah is wrong when they ask her?
(a) She says there is nothing wrong.
(b) She says the girls need to potty before bedtime.
(c) She says she is sleepy.
(d) She says she is upset that they love the Littles more than they love her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Addie say when Dwight asks her to visit?

2. How long has Denise been gone?

3. How does Denise react to the idea of Addie spending Thanksgiving weekend with Dwight?

4. What does Addie remember she needs to do when she is over at the minimart?

5. Why does Denise make fun of Addie?

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