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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Addie feel about the dress her mother gets her for the concert?
(a) It is a little big.
(b) It is perfect.
(c) It is a little small.
(d) It is too old for her.

2. What does Dwight say that makes Addie feel devastated?
(a) He is seeking full custody of the Littles.
(b) He and Hannah are going to marry soon.
(c) He is taking Denise to court.
(d) He is moving to California.

3. What does Hannah do in her basement?
(a) Has a mail-order business.
(b) Writes.
(c) Sews.
(d) Paints.

4. What is in the package Soula gives Addie to open at home?
(a) A present for Piccolo.
(b) A story about a little girl.
(c) A book of poetry.
(d) New underwear.

5. How does Denise react to the idea of Addie spending Thanksgiving weekend with Dwight?
(a) She thinks Dwight is trying to turn Addie against her.
(b) She is fine with it.
(c) She is angry that Dwight wants to take Addie for a holiday.
(d) She wants to go along.

6. Why is Addie disappointed when she gets home?
(a) Soula is not in the store.
(b) Her computer is gone.
(c) Her mother is not there to greet her.
(d) She was unable to bring her new puppy home.

7. Why does Addie insist upon buying a cup of soup at the minimart?
(a) She does not want to feel obligated to Soula.
(b) She wants to practise her counting skills.
(c) For the thrill of paying for it with her own money.
(d) She is embarrassed that Denise has no food in the house.

8. What do Helena and Addie get when they pass the firehouse?
(a) Rock candy.
(b) A flyer about smoke alarms.
(c) A ticket to the upcoming spaghetti dinner.
(d) Chocolates.

9. Why does Addie invite Hannah to sit by the fire after dinner?
(a) To spend some time with the Littles.
(b) To ask Hannah some questions.
(c) To show Hannah her flute.
(d) To have some time with Dwight by herself without Hannah.

10. When does Mommers return after going out on Christmas Eve?
(a) Around nine the next day.
(b) On the 27th.
(c) Three days later.
(d) An hour after she leaves.

11. What does Addie hear the last night she is at Hannah's home?
(a) A coyote howling.
(b) A bared owl.
(c) Hannah and Dwight discussing Addie coming to live with them.
(d) A loon on the lake.

12. What does Denise say to Addie as Addie is bringing in the third load of laundry?
(a) That Addie is anxious to get to Dwight's house.
(b) That Denise has changed her mind about Addie visiting Dwight.
(c) That Addie needs to finish cleaning the house.
(d) That Addie is selfish.

13. What does Addie think her mother is doing as Addie opens her presents?
(a) Showing Addie that she has money.
(b) Bribe Addie to love her mother.
(c) Hurry Addie along.
(d) Be liked more than Dwight.

14. What does Addie say when Dwight asks her to visit?
(a) The buses are not running because of the snow.
(b) She is working on a special school project.
(c) Denise will not let her visit.
(d) There's no one to care for Piccolo.

15. What does Addie tell Hannah Addie once did?
(a) Took care of Katie and Brynna for three days by herself.
(b) Carried Katie to school.
(c) Made Katie and Brynna clothes.
(d) Made Brynna a bracelet.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dwight feel about Addie?

2. Where is Hannah's home located?

3. What does Dwight say about Addie and Addie says she is not smart?

4. What does Hannah ask Addie if Addie would like to do?

5. How long has Denise been gone?

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