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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Addie tell her mother about the flute?
(a) She broke it.
(b) She threw it away.
(c) She returned it.
(d) She gave it to another student.

2. What does Ms. Rivera ask Addie?
(a) If Addie wants to start playing the clarinet.
(b) If Addie wants to start playing drums.
(c) Why Addie missed the concert.
(d) If Addie is unhappy at home.

3. What does Addie say when Dwight asks her to visit?
(a) There's no one to care for Piccolo.
(b) Denise will not let her visit.
(c) The buses are not running because of the snow.
(d) She is working on a special school project.

4. What does Addie realize about her mom and Pete?
(a) Pete is using her mom.
(b) They are not going to marry.
(c) Her mom is using Pete.
(d) Her mom has not told Pete about Addie.

5. How does Denise react to the idea of Addie spending Thanksgiving weekend with Dwight?
(a) She is fine with it.
(b) She thinks Dwight is trying to turn Addie against her.
(c) She is angry that Dwight wants to take Addie for a holiday.
(d) She wants to go along.

6. Why is Addie disappointed when she gets home?
(a) Her mother is not there to greet her.
(b) Her computer is gone.
(c) Soula is not in the store.
(d) She was unable to bring her new puppy home.

7. How long has Denise been gone?
(a) 3 days.
(b) 10 days.
(c) 6 days.
(d) 2 days.

8. What does Addie decide on the last night of her visit with Dwight and his family?
(a) She is not wanted.
(b) She will not speak to her mommers anymore.
(c) She will not go back home.
(d) She will not visit anymore.

9. Where does Dwight say he and the Littles have moved?
(a) About a mile from where Addie lives.
(b) To Grandio's farm.
(c) Into Hannah's mansion.
(d) To Chicago.

10. What does Denise give Addie permission to do?
(a) Go over to Soula's each day to help out.
(b) Take music lessons.
(c) Spend a week with Dwight and Hannah.
(d) Change schools.

11. What thrills Addie about what she hears Dwight say to Hannah?
(a) That he will try again to gain custody of Addie.
(b) That he had tried for custody.
(c) That Denise is in rehab.
(d) That Denise may let her live with her grandparents.

12. What does Ms. Rivera ask Addie that causes Addie to feel nervous?
(a) To do a solo piece at the concert.
(b) To ask her mother to come in for a conference.
(c) To move to first chair in the flute section.
(d) To start learning the piccolo.

13. What does Hannah do in her basement?
(a) Paints.
(b) Has a mail-order business.
(c) Writes.
(d) Sews.

14. What has Dwight tried to do before concerning Addie?
(a) Gain custody.
(b) Send her to a special school.
(c) Get her private music lessons.
(d) Get Denise declared an unfit mother.

15. What does Grandio give Addie?
(a) 20 dollars.
(b) 5 dollars.
(c) A new backpack.
(d) A new watch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sees Addie as she is running?

2. To what does Addie wake up?

3. What is Denise's response to what happened to Addie's flute.

4. How does Dwight feel about Addie?

5. What happens when Addie walks out of school on Valentine's day?

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