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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Addie tell Dwight and Hannah is wrong when they ask her?
(a) She says the girls need to potty before bedtime.
(b) She says she is upset that they love the Littles more than they love her.
(c) She says she is sleepy.
(d) She says there is nothing wrong.

2. What does Denise give Addie permission to do?
(a) Spend a week with Dwight and Hannah.
(b) Change schools.
(c) Go over to Soula's each day to help out.
(d) Take music lessons.

3. Why does Denise make fun of Addie?
(a) For making over Piccolo.
(b) For wanting to make fudge for Soula.
(c) For wanting to make something for Katie and Brynna.
(d) For being mad about the chocolate.

4. What was Denise unwilling to do in the past concerning Addie?
(a) Let her visit her paternal grandparents.
(b) Sign over her custody rights.
(c) Let her live with Georgio.
(d) Let Dwight have her every other weekend.

5. What has Dwight tried to do before concerning Addie?
(a) Gain custody.
(b) Send her to a special school.
(c) Get her private music lessons.
(d) Get Denise declared an unfit mother.

6. What does Addie use to pack her clothes in for the weekend?
(a) An old purse that was her mother's.
(b) A paper bag.
(c) An old duffel bag that belonged to her biological father.
(d) A plastic grocery bag.

7. Where does Addie have lunch?
(a) At Grandio's favorite hamburger place.
(b) At a Mexican restaurant.
(c) At the lunch counter in a department store.
(d) At Grandio's house.

8. What does Addie think her mother is doing as Addie opens her presents?
(a) Showing Addie that she has money.
(b) Hurry Addie along.
(c) Bribe Addie to love her mother.
(d) Be liked more than Dwight.

9. What does Addie tell Hannah Addie once did?
(a) Took care of Katie and Brynna for three days by herself.
(b) Made Katie and Brynna clothes.
(c) Carried Katie to school.
(d) Made Brynna a bracelet.

10. Why has Dwight taken Brynna to see a therapist?
(a) Brynna has started waking in the middle of the night screaming.
(b) Brynna has a hard time coping with missing Denise.
(c) Brynna has started wetting the bed.
(d) Brynna was injured in a car accident.

11. What does Denise tell Addie that leaves Addie dumbstruck?
(a) That Denise is sending Addie to live with Georgio.
(b) That Denise has a new job and they are moving.
(c) That Denise is pregnant.
(d) That Addie is going to live with Dwight full time.

12. What does Addie decide on the last night of her visit with Dwight and his family?
(a) She will not go back home.
(b) She will not visit anymore.
(c) She will not speak to her mommers anymore.
(d) She is not wanted.

13. When does Mommers return after going out on Christmas Eve?
(a) On the 27th.
(b) Around nine the next day.
(c) An hour after she leaves.
(d) Three days later.

14. What is in the package Soula gives Addie to open at home?
(a) New underwear.
(b) A present for Piccolo.
(c) A book of poetry.
(d) A story about a little girl.

15. What is Elliot doing for Soula who thinks it's unnecessary?
(a) Installing a new phone.
(b) Installing a window around the cash register.
(c) Installing bars.
(d) Installing a ramp.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Denise tell Addie to be sure to take the right bus home?

2. What does Dwight say about Addie and Addie says she is not smart?

3. What does Hannah ask Addie if Addie would like to do?

4. What does Denise say to Addie as Addie is bringing in the third load of laundry?

5. What does Addie hear the last night she is at Hannah's home?

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