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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Dwight call when he learns that Denise was not around?
(a) Grandio.
(b) Emilio.
(c) Sopha.
(d) Child protective services.

2. What is Soula doing when Addie finds her?
(a) Vomiting.
(b) Arguing.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Talking on her phone.

3. What does Dwight tell Denise he has been offered?
(a) A different job but at the same location.
(b) An out-of-town job.
(c) A swap for his house.
(d) A promotion at the factory.

4. What does Addie remember about Grandio's friend?
(a) The friend helped Grandio when Grandio was dying of cancer.
(b) Grandio's friend is a doctor.
(c) The friend died of cancer.
(d) The friend is ill.

5. How are Addie and her mother different?
(a) Addie is robust and her mother is frail.
(b) Addie is upbeat and her mother is depressed.
(c) Addie is practical and her mother is a spendthrift.
(d) Addie is upbeat and her mother is a whiner.

6. What does Dwight say is Denise other option for living?
(a) Her ex-father-in-law.
(b) Her brother's ranch.
(c) Public housing.
(d) Her mother's home.

7. What does Soula say she wants to do when Addie starts to go home?
(a) Have Addie stay for dinner.
(b) Meet Addie's mother.
(c) Meet Dwight.
(d) See the hamster.

8. What does Mommers yell at Addie and tell her to clean up?
(a) The kitchen counters.
(b) The refrigerator.
(c) The rotted pumpkin.
(d) The bathroom sink.

9. What nickname does Soula give Addie?
(a) Doll Baby.
(b) Little Cupcake.
(c) Baby Girl.
(d) Little Cookie.

10. Who is Pete?
(a) Denise's brother.
(b) A friend of Grandios.
(c) Dwight's brother.
(d) The man who Mommers met for a supposed business reason.

11. What does Addie call her mother's bedroom?
(a) The old folk's home.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The lion's den.
(d) The luxury bedroom.

12. Why does Addie get scared later that evening?
(a) The phone rings unexpectedly.
(b) She hears some police and ambulance sirens.
(c) Her mom is not home by midnight.
(d) She hears someone yelling outside.

13. How does Addie feel about her new home?
(a) Scared.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Unhappy.
(d) Excited.

14. What does Soula say is her relationship to Elliot?
(a) Girlfriend.
(b) Wife.
(c) Friend.
(d) Sister-in-law.

15. What does Addie find when she returns home after showing off her hamster?
(a) Her mother is dressed up to leave for the evening.
(b) Something is burning on the stove.
(c) Her mother is talking to Dwight on the phone.
(d) Her mother is asleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason is Helena told to talk to the school nurse?

2. What does Dwight want the courts to decide?

3. Who confronts Addie after she has her tryout with Ms. Rivera?

4. What does Soula put on the board in her store?

5. What is Addie trying to figure out about the train track?

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