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Leslie Connor
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rick call Elliot?
(a) A realist.
(b) A dreamer.
(c) A jerk.
(d) The love of his life.

2. For what reason is Helena told to talk to the school nurse?
(a) To find out if her blood sugar is elevated.
(b) To learn about how to control B.O.
(c) To tell the nurse about Helena's headaches.
(d) To find out if she has head lice.

3. What does Addie not read in Soula's store?
(a) She is not tall enough to reach the board.
(b) She would have to pull out her vocabulary cards.
(c) There is nothing of interest to her.
(d) She is afraid of offending Soula.

4. What does Addie tell Denise Addie will be doing on Halloween?
(a) Going door-to-door trick or treating.
(b) Practicing for music tryouts.
(c) Handing out candy at the mini-mart.
(d) Working on a science project.

5. What does Addie say she does not want to know when Mommers drives her to school?
(a) Why Denise is sending her to Dwight to live.
(b) Why Denise was gone for so long.
(c) If Denise is happy.
(d) How Denise has a new car.

6. What does Mommers say will take place over dinner?
(a) A vocabulary quiz.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A job interview.
(d) A tasting treat.

7. What does Addie find when she returns home after showing off her hamster?
(a) Her mother is asleep.
(b) Her mother is dressed up to leave for the evening.
(c) Her mother is talking to Dwight on the phone.
(d) Something is burning on the stove.

8. What joke does Soula make about being large?
(a) That no one messes with her.
(b) That she is easy to find in a crowd.
(c) That it's lucky they found the tumor.
(d) That she doesn't have to work as hard.

9. What does Soula say kept reappearing?
(a) A feral cat.
(b) A raccoon.
(c) A stray dog.
(d) Graffiti.

10. What does Addie ask her mother if she does?
(a) Calls Addie's half sisters everyday.
(b) Calls Dwight every day.
(c) Has a mammogram every year.
(d) Breast self exams.

11. What does Denise do on Monday morning when Addie is leaving for school?
(a) Arrives in a very disheveled state.
(b) Calls and says Dwight is going to be picking her up after school.
(c) Pulls up in a new car.
(d) Calls and says to stay with Soula and Elliot.

12. Why does Denise get in a fight with Dwight when he brings his daughters over?
(a) Denise wants Dwight to leave the girls for a while.
(b) The girls are dirty.
(c) The girls are hungry.
(d) The girls are very thin.

13. What does Denise do as she arrives at her new home?
(a) Goes through it carefully.
(b) Cries.
(c) Calls Dwight and screams at him.
(d) Dances.

14. Where does Addie discover a glass room?
(a) Attached to the back of her school's cafeteria.
(b) In the back of the apartment complex where she lives.
(c) On one of the trailers in the park.
(d) On the minimart across the street.

15. Who are the Littles?
(a) Addie's name for her half sisters.
(b) The neighbors next door.
(c) The neighbors down the street.
(d) The fairies with whom Addie chats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dwight tell Denise he has been offered?

2. Who is Rick?

3. Why does Addie take a book instead of getting on the computer?

4. Why does Addie feel badly when she practices her flute?

5. Who is Hannah?

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