Waiting for Normal Short Essay - Answer Key

Leslie Connor
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1. Where is Addie moving, why and how does she feel about it?

Addie and her mother are being moved into their new home by her mother's ex-husband, Dwight. Dwight is not happy with the trailer he must move them into, but it is all he can afford now that Addie's mother has had his house foreclosed on. Addie takes the new trailer in stride, and is excited by all of the small spaces inside her new home.

2. How does Denise feel about the trailer and why?

When Denise, Addie and Dwight arrive at the trailer, Denise is furious. The trailer is in bad need of repair and is just sitting off of the road.

3. What does Dwight promise Addie as he is leaving?

As Dwight is leaving, promising Addie that he will always be there for her and that he will bring her half-sisters, Brynna and Katie, to see her soon.

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