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Leslie Connor
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31 - 40..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hannah move home after living out West for a while?
(a) She was interested in a man back East.
(b) She inherits a home back East.
(c) She missed her childhood friends.
(d) Her parents become ill.

2. What does Addie find when she goes inside Grandio's house?
(a) A huge Thanksgiving feast.
(b) A bike for Addie.
(c) A new puppy for Addie.
(d) A new piccolo for Addie.

3. What does Addie's mother do on the internet?
(a) Nothing because she is not computer literate.
(b) Applies for a job.
(c) Finds a chat room.
(d) Writes a letter to her congress person.

4. Why does Addie think she blew it when she was nine by telling Dwight Denise wasn't home?
(a) Dwight did not want her anymore.
(b) Addie loses the company of the Littles.
(c) The Littles are upset about being taken from Denise.
(d) Denise is mad at her for days.

5. What does Addie realize about her mom and Pete?
(a) They are not going to marry.
(b) Pete is using her mom.
(c) Her mom has not told Pete about Addie.
(d) Her mom is using Pete.

Short Answer Questions

1. What thrills Addie about what she hears Dwight say to Hannah?

2. What does Addie do with a cardboard box outside the minimart?

3. What does Addie find when she returns home after showing off her hamster?

4. What does Soula say she wants to do when Addie starts to go home?

5. What does Addie wish her mom?

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