Objects & Places from Waiting for Normal

Leslie Connor
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The Trailer.

Where Addie and Mommers come to live after their home goes into foreclosure.

Numbskull Dorry's Pub.

Where Addie and her family go to celebrate things and have ice cream or dinner.

The Minimart.

The place across the street where Addie is always welcome.

The Heads and Roses Laundromat.

This is located next door to Addie's trailer.

The Stage Orchestra.

A special school group that is joined by invite only.

The Flute.

This was stolen from her old school.

The Mansion at Lake George.

This is owned by Hannah, who wishes to turn it into a bed and breakfast.

Grandio's Farm.

This is just outside the city and is the last place where Addie felt normal.

The Over-Underpass.

This is located under a train overpass.

Empty Acre.

An abandoned, paved lot that lies behind the minimart across from the trailer.

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