Waiting for Normal Character Descriptions

Leslie Connor
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Addison Schmeeter.

A cheerful, loving twelve-year-old girl who is in the sixth grade.


It is probable that this character suffers from bi-polar disorder.


Addie's ex-stepfather and the father of her sisters, Brynna and Katie.

Brynna and Katie.

Nicknamed "The Littles."


A large woman with a wonderful sense of humor.


Soula's best friend.


Addie's paternal grandfather.


A generous and loving woman with whom Dwight has fallen in love.

Marissa and Helena.

Addie's new friends at school.


A bully who has a habit of saying unkind things to the girls.


Addie's white hamster.

Mrs. Casey.

Addie's caseworker after Soula reports that her mother has stopped coming home.

Firehouse 6.

Addie and Helena pass this place every day on their walk home.

Ms. Rivera.

The music teacher at Addie's new school.

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