Waiting for Normal Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Leslie Connor
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Chapters 1 - 10.

• Addison, a young girl going into the sixth grade and her mother, Mommers, are brought to their new home.

• It is a trailer just barely off the road and Mommers is furious that her ex-husband expects them to live here.

• Dwight leaves and Addie's mother sits down and cries. Addie attempts to comfort her.

• Addie loves the trailer inside which has many nooks and crannies, and is small enough that six steps takes her anywhere inside.

• Although Dwight said he left a computer for Addie her mother sits on the internet and Addie cooks and cleans.
• There is a mini mart across the street and Addie goes there to explore. She finds a glass room off the back.

• Soula and Elliot own the store and live in the back room. They give her a free cookie and tell her to come over if she needs anything...

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