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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would the soldiers find in the barn?
(a) Pigs
(b) Children
(c) Benjamin and Anya
(d) Nothing but hay, bracken and muck

2. What does Benjamin do before they leave to drive the sheep up the mountain?
(a) He cries.
(b) He prays.
(c) He thanks the Corporal for helping them.
(d) He grabs Anya's hand.

3. What did the villagers bring up the mountain?
(a) Sheep and pigs
(b) Instruments
(c) Food
(d) Cows

4. How many children were brought to safety?
(a) Five
(b) 11
(c) One
(d) None

5. What was the mood in school the day after they went up the mountain?
(a) They wanted to go back outside.
(b) Everyone was ready to study.
(c) Subdued
(d) Jubilant

6. What happened to Benjamin and Leah?
(a) They came home after they found Anya.
(b) They escaped from the Germans and came home.
(c) Benjamin officially adopted Leah.
(d) They died in the concentration camp.

7. What did Father Lasalle plan to have during evening Mass?
(a) A congregation chant
(b) Communion
(c) A concert
(d) A baptism

8. Who greeted Jo when he brought the sheep in early due to the rain and mud?
(a) Grandpere
(b) Benjamin
(c) Madame Horcada
(d) Laurent

9. What happened to the Corporal's daughter?
(a) She found Anya.
(b) She was killed in the a bombing raid.
(c) She was taken to a prison camp.
(d) She showed up in town looking for her father.

10. How did the villagers treat the soldiers after Benjamin left?
(a) With hostility
(b) They were very affectionate.
(c) They ignored the soldiers.
(d) They declared themselves eternal friends.

11. According to Papa, who would divide the animals in the evening?
(a) The children
(b) The priest
(c) The shepherds
(d) The fathers

12. What did the Corporal do when he saw Jo looking scared by the cabin?
(a) He called the soldier back saying it was time to leave.
(b) He ran to get Jo a chair.
(c) He asked him if he was all right.
(d) He immediately went to inspect the cabin.

13. Where does Papa spend the summer?
(a) On a boat
(b) In Spain
(c) In the cabin on the mountain
(d) Back in the work camp

14. What did Jo do after Benjamin left?
(a) He ran after Benjamin.
(b) He drifted home.
(c) He ran to Madame Horcada's.
(d) He went back to school.

15. Papa does all the following by himself except what?
(a) Shearing
(b) Cheesemaking
(c) Shepherding
(d) Milking

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Papa like when he came home at curfew each night?

2. How did Papa react to the friendship between his family members and the soldiers?

3. What did Hubert do as Jo was passing by the soldiers?

4. Where were the children hiding?

5. Where did Hubert take Jo after they left the school?

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