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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Papa does all the following by himself except what?
(a) Shearing
(b) Shepherding
(c) Cheesemaking
(d) Milking

2. Why was Grandpere upset?
(a) They took too long with the plan for rescue.
(b) The children didn't make it.
(c) They couldn't find the bear.
(d) He was upset at himself and the townspeople for just letting the soldiers take them away.

3. Who greeted Jo when he brought the sheep in early due to the rain and mud?
(a) Benjamin
(b) Laurent
(c) Madame Horcada
(d) Grandpere

4. What danger did the villagers face as they went up the mountain?
(a) Hunger
(b) Patrols
(c) Wild animals
(d) Harsh elements

5. What illness did Jo's father have?
(a) Swine Flu
(b) Pneumonia
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) AIDS

6. What did the Corporal give Hubert so he could see better?
(a) Glasses
(b) A special light
(c) A candle
(d) Binoculars

7. According to Papa, who would divide the animals in the evening?
(a) The fathers
(b) The priest
(c) The children
(d) The shepherds

8. How did Benjamin and Leah react when Jo saw them?
(a) They laughed at him.
(b) They turned away in anger.
(c) They acted as if they didn't know him.
(d) They hugged him.

9. What happened to Leah?
(a) She was reunited with her parents.
(b) She was hurt as she ran.
(c) She wouldn't leave Benjamin.
(d) She was killed by a bear.

10. What kind of music was going to be played at the special Mass?
(a) Contemporary
(b) German
(c) Guitar
(d) French

11. What does Grandpere admit he is doing with Madame Horcada?
(a) He is treating her as a charity project.
(b) He admits that he is courting her.
(c) He is trying to ignore her.
(d) He is helping her because if his friendship with her dead spouse.

12. What was happening to the Germans?
(a) They were gaining in strength.
(b) They were being driven out of Russia and Africa.
(c) They were becoming depressed.
(d) They were bullying the townspeople.

13. How did the Jewish children blend in with the villagers?
(a) They spoke French.
(b) They didn't.
(c) They dressed up like sheep.
(d) They laughed and made noise.

14. Why was the Corporal on the mountain?
(a) He was supposed to escort the villagers home.
(b) He was trying to protect the villagers.
(c) He was spying on the villagers.
(d) He was trying to protect the Jews.

15. What does Benjamin do before they leave to drive the sheep up the mountain?
(a) He grabs Anya's hand.
(b) He cries.
(c) He prays.
(d) He thanks the Corporal for helping them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the villagers treat the soldiers after Benjamin left?

2. How did Jo feel about his secret at home?

3. Who was the "stranger" in Jo's home?

4. Why didn't Jo tell Grandpere about the children?

5. What did the Germans find in the house searches?

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