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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the church like on the night of the special Mass?
(a) No-one showed up.
(b) Only the Germans were there.
(c) Only the villagers were there.
(d) Completely full

2. What did the corporal take to remind him of the place?
(a) A flower
(b) Hubert's miniature
(c) A photograph
(d) An eagle feather

3. What happened to the Corporal's daughter?
(a) She was taken to a prison camp.
(b) She showed up in town looking for her father.
(c) She was killed in the a bombing raid.
(d) She found Anya.

4. What happened to Hubert after the war?
(a) He became mayor of the town.
(b) He married Anya.
(c) He was killed.
(d) He received a medal of honor.

5. Papa does all the following by himself except what?
(a) Shearing
(b) Milking
(c) Shepherding
(d) Cheesemaking

6. What did Father Lasalle plan to have during evening Mass?
(a) A congregation chant
(b) A baptism
(c) Communion
(d) A concert

7. What toy did Jo recognize?
(a) His missing carved horse
(b) His old train set
(c) His sister's doll
(d) His old ball

8. What did the Corporal talk to the soldiers about?
(a) How much he liked the villagers
(b) The previous war
(c) The eagles and the nest
(d) Old Germany

9. What would the soldiers find in the barn?
(a) Benjamin and Anya
(b) Pigs
(c) Children
(d) Nothing but hay, bracken and muck

10. What kind of music was going to be played at the special Mass?
(a) French
(b) Contemporary
(c) German
(d) Guitar

11. What happened to Leah?
(a) She wouldn't leave Benjamin.
(b) She was reunited with her parents.
(c) She was hurt as she ran.
(d) She was killed by a bear.

12. Why didn't the patrol see the person at the edge of the woods?
(a) They were distracted by the eagle.
(b) He was very well hidden.
(c) The Corporal called out to them.
(d) They were distracted by a bear.

13. How did Grandpere know about the hiding place?
(a) He hid there during the first war.
(b) He found it while hunting.
(c) Madame Horcada showed it to him.
(d) His father used it for smuggling alcohol over the border.

14. What advice did Benjamin give Jo regarding Anya?
(a) Wait and pray
(b) Forget about her.
(c) Stay away from her.
(d) Help her however he can.

15. Why couldn't Jo concentrate in school?
(a) He was attracted to the girl across from him.
(b) Hubert kept talking to him.
(c) He was worried about the fate of the children?
(d) He wanted to go help his father with the sheep.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Papa react to the soldiers?

2. Why hadn't Grandpere told Jo that he knew about the children?

3. What was Papa like when he came home at curfew each night?

4. How did Hubert help the cave children mingle with the village children?

5. Who did Maman want to involve in her plan?

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