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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were the children hiding?
(a) Under the floorboards
(b) In a cave
(c) Under the roots of a large tree
(d) Behind rocks

2. How did the stranger react when he was told about Jo's work in the household?
(a) His face darkened.
(b) He was exuberent.
(c) He praised Jo.
(d) He was appreciative.

3. What did Hubert chase when they went to the woods?
(a) The dog
(b) A bear
(c) A wild boar
(d) Children

4. How did the Jewish children blend in with the villagers?
(a) They laughed and made noise.
(b) They spoke French.
(c) They dressed up like sheep.
(d) They didn't.

5. Why did Grandpere choose to tell the secret?
(a) He thought they needed help.
(b) Madame Horcada released him from his promise.
(c) Papa thought his son was betraying him.
(d) He forgot it was supposed to be a secret.

6. What did the Corporal talk to the soldiers about?
(a) The eagles and the nest
(b) Old Germany
(c) The previous war
(d) How much he liked the villagers

7. What did Jo's family often do on Sundays?
(a) They had a picnic.
(b) They explored the caves.
(c) They went to the graveyard.
(d) They hiked in the mountains.

8. How did Jo's sister react to the stranger?
(a) She wouldn't stay in the same room as him.
(b) She ran up to him and hugged him.
(c) She wanted to stay right next to him.
(d) She was scared of him at first.

9. Why was the Corporal on the mountain?
(a) He was spying on the villagers.
(b) He was supposed to escort the villagers home.
(c) He was trying to protect the Jews.
(d) He was trying to protect the villagers.

10. How did Maman and Madame Horcada react to each other?
(a) They embraced.
(b) They immediately started gossiping.
(c) They were polite.
(d) They wouldn't even look at each other.

11. How did Hubert help the cave children mingle with the village children?
(a) He made them work together.
(b) They all liked to climb on him.
(c) He told them stories.
(d) He made them hold hands.

12. How did the villagers treat the soldiers after Benjamin left?
(a) They ignored the soldiers.
(b) They were very affectionate.
(c) They declared themselves eternal friends.
(d) With hostility

13. What was the church like on the night of the special Mass?
(a) Only the villagers were there.
(b) No-one showed up.
(c) Only the Germans were there.
(d) Completely full

14. How did Benjamin and Leah react when Jo saw them?
(a) They acted as if they didn't know him.
(b) They hugged him.
(c) They turned away in anger.
(d) They laughed at him.

15. How does the stranger react when they tell him about the curfew?
(a) He thinks it's a good idea.
(b) He says he doesn't care and goes out anyway.
(c) He gets very depressed and refuses to talk about it.
(d) He respects it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Papa react to the friendship between his family members and the soldiers?

2. What did Papa and Grandpere do during the special Mass?

3. How did Grandpere learn about the children?

4. What did Jo tell the villagers about the Corporal's actions at the cabin?

5. How did Laurent feel about his own father?

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