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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Michael give Jo?
(a) A hug
(b) Some food
(c) A chess piece
(d) The address for the house where he was going

2. What did Hubert do as Jo was passing by the soldiers?
(a) He began running in the other direction.
(b) He spat at them.
(c) He pretended to be a bear, distracting the soldiers.
(d) He told them about the children.

3. What did Madame Horcada say about Maman?
(a) She was a fine woman.
(b) She had no gumption.
(c) She had spirit.
(d) She was too withdrawn.

4. What is special about Michael?
(a) He excels at playing chess.
(b) He can speak five languages.
(c) He is like a father to Leah.
(d) He knows where Anya is.

5. Why was Grandpere upset?
(a) The children didn't make it.
(b) They couldn't find the bear.
(c) They took too long with the plan for rescue.
(d) He was upset at himself and the townspeople for just letting the soldiers take them away.

6. How did Papa react to the soldiers?
(a) He was thankful for the protection they offered.
(b) They made him depressed.
(c) He kept having flashbacks to his time in the work camp.
(d) He was angry and bitter in their presence.

7. What did Father Lasalle plan to have during evening Mass?
(a) Communion
(b) A baptism
(c) A concert
(d) A congregation chant

8. What did the Lieutenant ask Jo?
(a) He asked if Jo was hungry.
(b) He asked if Jo was ready to go home.
(c) He asked if Jo would go with them as a guide.
(d) He asked if Jo knew them.

9. What was Papa like when he came home at curfew each night?
(a) He was nervous.
(b) He was angry and loud.
(c) He was drunk and brooding.
(d) He was triumphant that he got away with breaking the rules.

10. How did Jo feel about his secret at home?
(a) He loved keeping secrets.
(b) He thought maybe he would just share it with one person.
(c) He was uncomfortable with it.
(d) He felt important.

11. Where did the children hide at the top of the mountain?
(a) Behind trees
(b) In the cabin on the mountain
(c) Behind rocks
(d) In the cave

12. Why was Hubert dancing and playing his drum?
(a) It was Jo's birthday.
(b) The war was over.
(c) Anya arrived in town.
(d) Benjamin was coming home.

13. What did the corporal take to remind him of the place?
(a) A flower
(b) Hubert's miniature
(c) A photograph
(d) An eagle feather

14. What gift did Hubert give the Corporal?
(a) An eagle feather
(b) A miniature chalice
(c) Binoculars
(d) A poem

15. What did Grandpere do when the soldiers found Benjamin and Leah?
(a) He helped Benjamin escape.
(b) He hid.
(c) He fought them off.
(d) He ran.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Benjamin do before they leave to drive the sheep up the mountain?

2. How did the widow react to the news that the soldiers were coming?

3. What did the villagers bring up the mountain?

4. How does the stranger react when they tell him about the curfew?

5. How did Grandpere know about the hiding place?

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