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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Grandpere hide the hunting rifle?
(a) In a cave
(b) He didn't. He turned it in.
(c) In a tomb
(d) Under the floorboards in his house.

2. How did Jo know where to go?
(a) He followed the directions the widow gave him.
(b) He followed a map.
(c) It was how they went to the summer pasture.
(d) He looked for the trail Benjamin left.

3. Why did the widow need more supplies?
(a) The food kept rotting.
(b) Leah ate a lot of food.
(c) There were now five children to look after.
(d) The soldiers kept taking her food.

4. What new rule did the Germans initiate in the town when they moved in?
(a) They couldn't write any more letters to their loved ones.
(b) There was to be a strict curfew.
(c) They had to give the Germans a portion of their food supply.
(d) They had to use German money.

5. How does the man introduce himself?
(a) He is the priest's son.
(b) He tells Jo to just call him Monsieur.
(c) He says it's better that they not know each other.
(d) He uses sign language.

6. What did the man agree to do?
(a) Help Jo get a job
(b) Drive the boy back to the village
(c) Leave the area
(d) Help the cub live

7. why did Jo go back to the widow's house?
(a) He wanted to hear more stories.
(b) He wanted to check on the bear cub.
(c) He wanted to warn her about the German soldiers.
(d) He wanted to see the girl.

8. How does Jo get the Corporal to stop helping him?
(a) He yells at the man then stomps off.
(b) He tells the Corporal he hates him.
(c) He runs away.
(d) He says he won't get paid.

9. What had Rouf found?
(a) A wounded man
(b) A bear cub
(c) A picnic basket
(d) Another stray sheep

10. What did Maman say about Hubert's actions?
(a) They were silly.
(b) They could have gotten him killed.
(c) They were a disgrace.
(d) They were wise.

11. How did the widow and Benjamin plan to get what they needed?
(a) They wanted Jo to beg the soldiers for food.
(b) They were going to ask Jo to steal for them.
(c) They were going to plant a large garden.
(d) They were going to sell the pigs to Grandpere.

12. How often should the boy come check on the widow?
(a) He should check in daily.
(b) He should never go back.
(c) He should check in once a week.
(d) He should check in once a month.

13. Why did Jo go back to the pasture?
(a) He had left his gun.
(b) He was looking for Rouf.
(c) He wanted to make sure the sheep were now safe.
(d) He left his jacket there.

14. What did Jo and Laurent pretend to be?
(a) Beggars
(b) Bears
(c) German soldiers
(d) Thieves

15. How many children were in the barn when the cow went dry?
(a) Just Leah
(b) 2
(c) Ten
(d) 5

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse did Jo give at home regarding his lateness?

2. How did the soldiers gain acceptance in the village?

3. What kind of work did Hubert do?

4. What did the situation make Benjamin determined to do?

5. How did Jo feel about the Widow Horcada?

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