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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helped Jo with the sheep after the soldiers came to town?
(a) The widow
(b) His mother
(c) His sister
(d) His grandfather

2. Who did the townspeople thank?
(a) The Mayor
(b) Jo
(c) Grandpere
(d) Father Lasalle

3. Who did Jo find at the widow's house when he went to warn her about the home inspections?
(a) Grandpere
(b) Hubert
(c) Rouf
(d) Laurent

4. Who came to help Jo?
(a) Everyone in the town-even mothers and children
(b) The children
(c) The men in the town came to help with their dogs.
(d) Nobody

5. What was a sign of spring in the village?
(a) School was out.
(b) The soldiers moving out
(c) The sound of the organ
(d) The sound of sheep bells as they moved from one field to the next

6. The soldiers were trying to prevent people's escape to where?
(a) America
(b) Spain
(c) France
(d) Germany

7. Why did Jo go back to the pasture?
(a) He wanted to make sure the sheep were now safe.
(b) He left his jacket there.
(c) He was looking for Rouf.
(d) He had left his gun.

8. How did the widow and Benjamin plan to get what they needed?
(a) They were going to ask Jo to steal for them.
(b) They wanted Jo to beg the soldiers for food.
(c) They were going to sell the pigs to Grandpere.
(d) They were going to plant a large garden.

9. How often should the boy come check on the widow?
(a) He should check in once a month.
(b) He should check in daily.
(c) He should check in once a week.
(d) He should never go back.

10. What did the man agree to do?
(a) Leave the area
(b) Drive the boy back to the village
(c) Help Jo get a job
(d) Help the cub live

11. Why was Jo able to go to the widow's house?
(a) He played hooky from school.
(b) His grandfather sent him up on an errand.
(c) His mother gave him the afternoon off.
(d) Hubert came along and watched the sheep for him.

12. What did Hubert think of the soldiers?
(a) He was in awe of them.
(b) They scared him.
(c) He didn't like them, and he kept pretend shooting at them.
(d) He wanted to be just like them.

13. Where did Grandpere hide the hunting rifle?
(a) He didn't. He turned it in.
(b) Under the floorboards in his house.
(c) In a cave
(d) In a tomb

14. Where did the man live?
(a) In the village
(b) In a cabin by the stream
(c) In a tent in the woods
(d) At Widow Horcada's farm

15. What did Jo do when he saw what Rouf was barking at?
(a) He jumped into the water.
(b) He grabbed his gun.
(c) He ran for help.
(d) He started chasing after the animals.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Maman and Grandpere respond when Jo asked them why the Germans wanted to kill the Jews?

2. Why is the man hiding?

3. What did the strange man bring?

4. Why did the man stay with the widow?

5. What did the situation make Benjamin determined to do?

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