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Michael Morpurgo
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jo get the Corporal to stop helping him?
(a) He tells the Corporal he hates him.
(b) He yells at the man then stomps off.
(c) He says he won't get paid.
(d) He runs away.

2. Who unexpectedly followed Jo when he took Grandpere up to the widow's house?
(a) Laurent
(b) Hubert
(c) Rouf
(d) The corporal

3. Why didn't Jo worry about the sheep?
(a) He knew they would wander home.
(b) They could fend for themselves.
(c) He hated them anyway.
(d) He knew Hubert would take care of them and bring them home.

4. Who was Christine?
(a) The schoolteacher
(b) The neighbor
(c) The leader of the children
(d) Jo's little sister

5. What did Grandpere put on the rifle pile?
(a) An ancient, rusted rifle
(b) A BB gun
(c) A bow and arrow
(d) Nothing

6. What was the man hiding in the barn?
(a) Jewish children
(b) Secret documents
(c) Gold
(d) Jewels

7. What did Jo do after the man walked off?
(a) He followed him.
(b) He went back home.
(c) He went back to the sheep.
(d) He sat down to think for a while.

8. What did all the townspeople have to give up?
(a) Their religion
(b) Their jobs
(c) Their guns
(d) Their jewelry

9. What were Jo's nightmares about?
(a) His father
(b) Jewish children
(c) Bears and soldiers
(d) Fires

10. Who was Jo's companion as he watched the sheep?
(a) Grandpere
(b) Rouf
(c) The pastor.
(d) Hubert

11. Who came to help Jo?
(a) The children
(b) The men in the town came to help with their dogs.
(c) Nobody
(d) Everyone in the town-even mothers and children

12. What did the widow ask if Jo could do?
(a) Check on her horse
(b) Leave the room
(c) Carry her purchases home for her weekly
(d) Wash her car

13. What were the Germans in the village like?
(a) They were sadistic.
(b) Unobtrusive
(c) They were easily walked over.
(d) They were tyrants.

14. Who did Jo find at the widow's house when he went to warn her about the home inspections?
(a) Hubert
(b) Grandpere
(c) Laurent
(d) Rouf

15. What was Grandpere talking with the German soldier about?
(a) What to do about Jo
(b) They had most likely fought against each other when they were young.
(c) Camping
(d) His son in the prison camp

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man say about the cub's mother?

2. What did Maman say about Hubert's actions?

3. Who arrived in the village while Jo was gone?

4. Why were the Germans setting all the rules?

5. What does the widow know about Jo's father?

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