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Michael Morpurgo
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the man agree to do?
(a) Leave the area
(b) Drive the boy back to the village
(c) Help Jo get a job
(d) Help the cub live

2. What did the Corporal give Hubert as a gift?
(a) A gun
(b) The binoculars
(c) A loaf of bread
(d) A new drum

3. What did Jo do when he saw what Rouf was barking at?
(a) He ran for help.
(b) He started chasing after the animals.
(c) He jumped into the water.
(d) He grabbed his gun.

4. Why did Jo have to hurry to find Benjamin?
(a) There were only a few hours of daylight left.
(b) He had to get home before curfew.
(c) They were going to be late for a meeting.
(d) He knew Benjamin might be dying somewhere.

5. Where were Benjamin and Leah hiding?
(a) In an abandoned car
(b) Up in a tree
(c) In the swamp
(d) In a cave by the stream that they used as a donkey shed

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Jo and Laurent pretend to be?

2. Who did Jo encounter as he looked for Benjamin?

3. How did the widow react to the news that the soldiers were coming?

4. How did Grandpere respond to the widow's offer?

5. How did Madame Hocada's husband die?

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