Waiting for Anya Quiz | Four Week Quiz A

Michael Morpurgo
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Jo think Benjamin and Leah might be hiding if they hadn't been caught?
(a) Behind a tree
(b) In Papa's hut
(c) In the water
(d) In some bushes

2. Who was Jo's companion as he watched the sheep?
(a) Grandpere
(b) Rouf
(c) Hubert
(d) The pastor.

3. Why is the man hiding?
(a) He made people angry, and they want to kill him.
(b) He is a criminal on the run.
(c) He is a Jew.
(d) He has some valuables he is protecting for someone else.

4. Who did Jo encounter as he looked for Benjamin?
(a) Grandpere
(b) The corporal
(c) His sister
(d) A German patrol

5. What did Hubert make in the back of the classroom?
(a) Soup
(b) Miniatures out of bread
(c) Noise
(d) Spitballs

Short Answer Questions

1. What payment would Jo receive for his work?

2. How did they know the rescue was successful?

3. How did Jo feel about the Widow Horcada?

4. Why hadn't Benjamin come home?

5. In the celebration of the capture, what was suddenly forgotten?

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