Daily Lessons for Teaching Waiting for Anya

Michael Morpurgo
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


Jo is watching the sheep when this story opens. The objective of this lesson is to understand what this job entails, what it tells about Jo's personality, and why it's important to the story.


1. Partner Project - Write a job description as if you were a farmer looking for someone to watch over a large flock of sheep. Describe the job details and what traits and characteristics the ideal candidate should bring to the job.

2. Partner Discussion - What insight do you get into Jo's character after reading this first chapter? How is he with the sheep and his dog? What is his relationship like with his father? How does he get along with the townspeople?

3. Small Group Discussion - How does Jo's job impact the story, and how is it used to set the stage for the book? What does the reader learn about...

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