Waiting for Anya Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Morpurgo
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Chapters 1-2

• Jo falls asleep watching the sheep.

• The dog barks when a bear shows up.

• Jo runs for help.
• The village men kill the bear.

• Jo goes to find his dog.

• He finds his dog, a bear cub, and a strange man.

• The man says to pretend they never met.
• Jo follows the man to Madame Horcada's farm.

• Jo is surprised anyone lives with her since she is scary.
• Weeks later, Jo goes back to the farm to check on the bear cub.

• He discovers a girl hiding at the farm.

• Benjamin finds him at the farm.

Chapter 3

• Benjamin and Madame Horcada question Jo.

• Benjamin explains that he is Jewish.
• Benjamin says that he and his daughter were separated.

• He waits at the farm for his daughter.
• Jo finds out that German soldiers are moving into the village.

• He finds out that anyone helping Jews will be...

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