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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The population of this colony and surrounding islands, although small, is what?
(a) Ethnically typical of other colonies.
(b) Ethnically diverse.
(c) Mostly Micmac.
(d) Mostly French.

2. What does the Register bring into focus?
(a) The small fishing village of Whitby on the North Sea coast of Yorkshire.
(b) The seaside resort of Glassgow.
(c) The large town of London.
(d) The small urban town of Edinburgh.

3. For what are buyers looking?
(a) The youngest and most attractive servants.
(b) The healthiest and hardest working servants.
(c) The servants with the most experience.
(d) The healthiest, most skilled at the lowest price for the longest commitment time.

4. How does communication between inland North Carolina and the Scottish Highlands remain strong?
(a) Letters pass between family members on both sides of the ocean.
(b) There is a constant flow of emigrants from Scottland.
(c) A great deal of travel takes place between both locations.
(d) Strong leaders exist in both regions.

5. How are merchants able to barter with overseers?
(a) They are willing to give the overseers a great deal of money.
(b) The merchants barter with trade goods.
(c) The overseers are eager to unload their charges.
(d) The overseers will steal from the merchants.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jonas Brown's main business?

2. What does Brown's advertisement state?

3. What land is the most attractive in Nova Scotia?

4. The lawlessness and danger of the Highlands convinced Hogg to do what?

5. After ten years, what would happen to any land not populated?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is known about those who voyaged to the American colonies?

2. How else do merchants recruit workers?

3. What is one way that West Florida differs from East Florida? Is this good? Why or why not?

4. Describe the connection between the HIghlands and North Carolina.

5. What does the Register record about the major part of migration and and the migration of families?

6. What takes place to provide maps of the region?

7. On what do merchants and their agents rely? Why?

8. What efforts have been made to exploit and populate the coastal lands of Florida and the gulf and river shores of Mississippi and Alabama?

9. Who is James Hogg? What does he try to do? Does he succeed?

10. What is Jonas Brown's plan?

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