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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other location would sellers avoid?
(a) Places that are too close to the water.
(b) Places that are too far inland.
(c) Places that make the servants uncomfortable.
(d) Places that are difficult for buyers to get to.

2. Who had provided what little information was known about this area from experience in the battles with the Spanish?
(a) Military leaders.
(b) Spanish politicians.
(c) Land speculators.
(d) Spanish settlers.

3. How does communication between inland North Carolina and the Scottish Highlands remain strong?
(a) Strong leaders exist in both regions.
(b) There is a constant flow of emigrants from Scottland.
(c) A great deal of travel takes place between both locations.
(d) Letters pass between family members on both sides of the ocean.

4. Who probably convinced James Hogg to lead and organize a group of emigrants?
(a) Robert, his cousin.
(b) Roger, his father.
(c) Inglis, the ship owner.
(d) Robert, his brother.

5. Where is a new British naval base and provincial capital built?
(a) At Vermont.
(b) At Quebec.
(c) At Boston.
(d) At Halifax.

6. When Britain took over Nova Scotia, what did it do with the settlers there?
(a) The imprisoned them.
(b) They taught them English.
(c) They forced their culture on them.
(d) They deported the entire Acadian population to various points south.

7. Why is this a positive aspect about West Florida?
(a) The established Portuguese settlers may be willing to come into British territory to help settle the new province.
(b) The established Italian settlers may be willing to come into British territory to help settle the new province.
(c) The established French settlers may be willing to come into British territory to help settle the new province.
(d) The established Spanish settlers may be willing to come into British territory to help settle the new province.

8. The beginning point for this migration was where?
(a) The port of Boston.
(b) The port of New York.
(c) The port of Maine.
(d) The port of Albany.

9. What does Hogg decide about the prospective emigrants?
(a) They had to be related to him.
(b) They had to be very wealthy.
(c) They had to be disease free, be of good character, and be able to pay their freight with extra for accidents.
(d) They had to be Scottish.

10. The managers often fleeced applicants and sometimes did what to poor women?
(a) Trapped them in prostitution.
(b) Ignored them.
(c) Stole from them.
(d) Fired them.

11. Not only was the demand for labor high in the colonies, but there was a potentially plentiful supply of labor where?
(a) France.
(b) In the British Isles.
(c) Sweden.
(d) Germany.

12. How are merchants able to barter with overseers?
(a) The merchants barter with trade goods.
(b) The overseers will steal from the merchants.
(c) The overseers are eager to unload their charges.
(d) They are willing to give the overseers a great deal of money.

13. Besides not making money quickly, why else does a seller not want the "goods" to remain in his care?
(a) They will want to keep the servants.
(b) They have to feed, clothe, and house the servants.
(c) They have no work for the servants.
(d) They are tired of the servants.

14. Efforts are being made to exploit and populate the coastal lands of what states?
(a) North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
(b) Florida, Mississippi and Alabama.
(c) Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
(d) New York, Delaware and Maryland.

15. Brown, his son, Thomas, and James Gordon embarked on what?
(a) A sheme to open a pottery factory in North Carolina.
(b) A scheme to settle swamp land in Florida.
(c) A scheme to settle the Ceded Lands.
(d) A scheme to purchase their own colony.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Register bring into focus?

2. What is Jonas Brown's main business?

3. During the years in question, how many huge areas of land were claimed by the colony of New York and were opened to settlement?

4. While Inglis was preparing the vessel and ordering supplies, Hogg was busy doing what?

5. The first settlers into the new British territory began in what year?

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