Voyagers to the West Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. From where do people emigrate in the pre-Revolutionary years? To where do they immigrate?

In the pre-Revolutionary years, many people emigrated from the British mainland to America.

2. Describe the spreading of the population in the American colonies before the Revolutionary War. What is the significance of this?

The population of the colonies spread into the backcountry of the coastal colonies and trans-Appalachian west. The magnitude of these developments was greater in these years than they had been in the preceding years. This helped transform the basic elements of American life.

3. What is eighteenth century America like?

Eighteenth century America was pre-industrial, pre-urban, and pre-humanitarian. There was little regard for the human consequences of deprivation or of chattel slavery and lesser forms of servitude. While these characteristics were shared with other societies, America's way of life was unique. They lived far from metropolitan cores, and they had to struggle to maintain the forms of civilized existence that were present elsewhere. They lived in a world constantly at risk. Yet, thousands of people immigrated during this time to America who were not driven out of their homelands by plague, famine, war, or persecution.

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