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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, Chapter 14 North Carolina: The Wreck of the Bachelor.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grants that are given are revocable unless _____________ of the land was populated within three years with one person for every hundred acres.
(a) One-third.
(b) One-half.
(c) One-fifth.
(d) One-fourth.

2. The Earl of Hillsborough argues that the colonies are to benefit the kingdom through commerce and the production of goods. What does he think about settling the western lands, regarding this goal?
(a) It makes no sense.
(b) It will be difficult to do.
(c) It is a simple solution to achieve this goal.
(d) It makes a lot of sense.

3. How is the information handled at these sites?
(a) Not well.
(b) Almost the same.
(c) Differently.
(d) The same.

4. During the seventeenth century, who are the only people who would continue to use this service?
(a) Those who are new to the country.
(b) Those who are young.
(c) Those who do not speak English.
(d) Those who are desperate or naive.

5. More than half of the migrants to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are ____________.
(a) Indentured servants.
(b) Politicians.
(c) Merchants.
(d) Artisans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do buyers also have to consider when making a purchase?

2. The overwhelming majority of the individuals emigrating gave their destinations as mainland North American colonies south of where?

3. In the provinces, is there mass exodus anywhere in Britain?

4. When is there a wild land boom in Nova Scotia?

5. What is one way that West Florida differs from East Florida?

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