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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 5 Identities and Motivations: The Dual Emigration.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the bill for which the Earl of Hillsborough fought?
(a) It is considered.
(b) It is accepted.
(c) It is defeated.
(d) It is modified.

2. In 1753, into what debate does the Earl of Hillsborough enter?
(a) Whether to allow people to emigrate to the colonies.
(b) Whether to create a national census.
(c) Whether Great Britain should stay in control of the colonies.
(d) Whether to create a new nation out of the colonies.

3. Why does this proclamation aim to slow expansion?
(a) To prevent the Americas from becoming too powerful.
(b) To give Great Britain more power.
(c) To prevent border violence and gradually introduce civil government in these areas.
(d) To prevent the colonies from becoming tired of British rule.

4. Of the 6,190 emigrants whose occupation is listed, only _____________ listed occupations that were considered "gentle."
(a) 23%.
(b) 45%
(c) 2.3%.
(d) 4.5%

5. The emigrants listed in the Register sailed to America in how many different vessels?
(a) 302.
(b) 402.
(c) 202.
(d) 102.

Short Answer Questions

1. After registering, were vessels free to pick up passengers without registering them?

2. After 1760 and the end of the war in North America, what happens to the colonies?

3. To where do they immigrate?

4. In the months that followed, how many emigrants do customs officials interview?

5. Bailyn argues that for the men a picture develops of lower middle and working class men for whom emigration was what?

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