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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 12 Failure in Xanadu.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bailyn's first impression of British life in the years leading up to the American Revolution?
(a) One of simplicity as a few hundred people move to London and a few other ports of exit.
(b) One of simplicity as only those in England move to London, the port of exit.
(c) One of complexity as thousands of people in every region of the country move to ports of exit.
(d) One of complexity as tens of thousands of people in every region in Europe moves to ports of exit.

2. Where are deliberately organized emigrant vessels more common?
(a) In Northern English and Northern Irish ports.
(b) In Southern English and French ports.
(c) In Northern English and Scottish ports.
(d) In Southern English and Irish ports.

3. What area proved to be most attractive to land speculators and investors?
(a) East Florida.
(b) Mississippi.
(c) Alabama.
(d) West Florida.

4. Grants that are given are revocable unless _____________ of the land was populated within three years with one person for every hundred acres.
(a) One-third.
(b) One-fifth.
(c) One-half.
(d) One-fourth.

5. In the provinces, is there mass exodus anywhere in Britain?
(a) No.
(b) In some provinces.
(c) Yes.
(d) Some.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has long existed in the silk industry?

2. In 1763, when almost all of the land east of the Mississippi River became the territory of what nation?

3. Bailyn compares the Register's totals to notices of ships' arrivals in North America and finds what?

4. By 1775, it is estimated that one in every ____________ of the people in this city was a servant.

5. In 1772, what does De Brahm present to the King?

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