Voyagers to the West Character Descriptions

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The Earl of Hillsborough

This character became the President of the Board of Trade in 1763. He was an Anglo-Irish landowner with a great deal of property in Ireland.

John Pownall

This character was the Undersecretary of State for the colonies. His chief concern was in developing a general and effective policy for restraining emigration from Britain.

John Tompkyns

This character was the veteran Assistant Inspector General of Imports and Exports in Britain. He was given the task of organizing the reports on emigration coming from customs officials.

Michael Francklin

This character was a scrappy, widely disliked land speculator in Nova Scotia. He was born in Poole, England and made his fortune privateering.

Sir James Montgomery

This character was the powerful Lord Advocate of Scotland who invested in emigration and overseas land. He owned one of the four lots on the island of St. John and in 1770, he sent...

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