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Short Answer Questions

1. Which part of Corbaccio is failing?

2. What does Voltore do for a living?

3. What does Corbaccio bring as a gift for Valpone?

4. What topic does Corbaccio vocally argue with Valpone about?

5. What is Valpone lying about to the Venetian businessmen who have befriended him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Valpone wounded after his visit with Celia?

2. How does Mosca get Lady Political Would-Be to leave Valpone's home so they can discuss finances?

3. What is Valpone's punishment for misleading the courts?

4. Who is Valpone's heir?

5. How does Corvino react to Valpone's physical state when he enters the room during their first visit?

6. How does Valpone elicit Celia to throw down her handkerchief?

7. How does Celia react when she figures out her husband's plan to work his way into Valpone's will?

8. How does Nano attempt to entertain Valpone when he comes to visit?

9. How does Valpone respond to the news that Voltoro has come to pay him a visit?

10. How do Sir Political Would-Be and Peregrine react to the scene of the medicine man's arrival?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many of the characters in the novel spend much time trying to make another character look like a fool. This act is called "gulling". Choose two examples of gulling as they appear in the text, and explain what the outcomes of these intentions were. In the end, which characters are made to look like the biggest fools of all?

Essay Topic 2

Valpone spends most of the time in the play pretending to be ill. Give examples of three ways that Valpone pretends to be ill and what the reaction to his devices are. Why is it important to Valpone's plan that the legacy hunters believe that he is really ill?

Essay Topic 3

At the end of the play, Valpone pleads with the audience to learn from the mistakes of the characters in the play. Explain what Valpone meant by this statement and give examples of two characters whose lessons could be learned. Finally, explain whether or not it was effective for Valpone to plead with the audience at the end of the play, and why.

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