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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Valpone say in response to the gift that Voltore has given him?

2. What is Valpone willing to sacrifice in order to make Celia his?

3. What does Jonson say is the reason why he wants to write a play?

4. How does Valpone react to Corbaccio's second gift?

5. Who does Mosca tell Voltore he is sure will be named Valpone's heir?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Valpone feel about his accrued wealth?

2. What con is Valpone pulling over the Venetian businessmen?

3. How does Sir Politic react to the gossip that Peregrine is spreading about him?

4. Who is Celia and what is Valpone's reaction to her?

5. How does Corvino respond to the Medicine Man's presence in his home?

6. What happens when Bonario snubs Mosca on the streets?

7. How does Corbaccio's arrival at Valpone's home after Bonario has left open the door for a new plan to hatch in their scheme to disinherit Corbaccio's son?

8. How does Valpone feel about Lady Political Would-Be?

9. What does Mosca confess to Voltore when he is showing him out of Valpone's room?

10. What happens when Voltore overhears Corbaccio and Mosca discussing Valpone's will?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Poetry is an important theme throughout the novel as it shows the level of education that many of the characters have, and there are many examples of times that poetry is used in the speech of the characters. Give two examples of poems that are used throughout the text of the play and explain how that poem is used to characterize the speaker to the audience.

Essay Topic 2

There is a strict caste system in the world in which Valpone resides. Describe each of the levels of the caste system, who lives in each level, and how the levels can be identified by the audience, either through reading the text or watching a production of the play on stage.

Essay Topic 3

Classism is an important theme throughout the play. Explain how classism functions throughout "Valpone" and give the example of one major event in the play that bucked the system of classism. What is the effect of that action on the characters of the play?

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