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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which court official is sent out into the streets to search for Mosca?
(a) The notary.
(b) The judge.
(c) The lawyers.
(d) The balif.

2. Who is representing Valpone in the court case?
(a) Voltore.
(b) Valpone, himself.
(c) Corbaccio.
(d) Mosca.

3. Who arrives at Sir Politic's house in disguise after Celia's trial?
(a) Lady Politic.
(b) Valpone.
(c) Peregrine.
(d) Celia.

4. What is Voltore's punishment for misleading the courts?
(a) He is disbarred.
(b) He is rewarded for standing up to Valpone.
(c) He is executed.
(d) He is given a hefty fine.

5. Who lectures Peregrine on how to be a Gentleman in Venice?
(a) Sir Politic.
(b) Voltore.
(c) Corbaccio.
(d) Valpone.

6. Which of the following characters does NOT enter Valpone's home with the intent to fight against his named heir?
(a) Corbaccio.
(b) Lady Political Would-Be.
(c) Peregrine.
(d) Corvino.

7. Who is called as the main witness against Celia?
(a) Lady Political Would-Be.
(b) Peregrine.
(c) Bonario.
(d) Valpone.

8. When Mosca is addressing the audience after meeting with Corvino, how many times is he interrupted by other characters?
(a) Three times.
(b) Twice.
(c) Never.
(d) Once.

9. Who knocks at the door, interrupting Nano's poem?
(a) Lady Politcal Would-Be.
(b) Celia.
(c) Mosca.
(d) Sir Political Would-Be.

10. Who is blamed for the misleading case against Celia and Bonario?
(a) Corbaccio.
(b) Valpone.
(c) Corvino.
(d) Mosca.

11. According to the rumors, to which country was Sir Politic planning on selling Venice to?
(a) Turkey.
(b) Spain.
(c) Macedonia.
(d) France.

12. Who does Mosca name as heir in his will?
(a) Mosca.
(b) Corvino.
(c) Voltore.
(d) Corbaccio.

13. Which of the following organisms are used to describe Mosca?
(a) A mosquito.
(b) A parasite.
(c) A virus.
(d) An amoeba.

14. How do the legacy hunters react to the news that Mosca has been named as Valpone's heir?
(a) They are disappointed.
(b) They are understanding.
(c) They are outraged.
(d) They are amused.

15. What realization about independence does Mosca make while he is addressing the audience?
(a) He realizes that he is on his way to independence from Valpone.
(b) He realizes that he will never become independent from Valpone.
(c) He realizes that he is becoming more independent from Valpone.
(d) He realizes that he is becoming less independent from Valpone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Celia beg her husband not to endanger?

2. How does Mosca feel about Voltore's defense of Valpone in the court room?

3. When Lady Politic finds her husband hiding, where does she announce she is going?

4. Why is Corvino worried that his reputation might be tarnished in court?

5. How does Mosca convince Corbaccio's son that he is sensitive?

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