Volpone Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What type of dedication does Jonson use in the opening of his Prologue?

Jonson dedicates his entire play to the works of two British Universities - Oxford and Cambridge. Two schools whose literary and English programs he truly believes in.

2. What type of acrostic does Jonson employ in his Prologue?

Jonson uses an acrostic poem to layout the entire plot of his play. Each of the seven lines of the play starts with one of the letters in Valpone's name, spelling it out for the reader.

3. Why does Jonson lay out the entire plot of his play for the audience?

Jonson lays out the entire plot of his poem through the use of Valpone's acrostic. He takes away all the mystery of the novel so that the audience will concentrate on his characters rather than the plot.

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