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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5, Scenes 1, 2, and 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mosca tell Corvino is the one thing left that can help save Valpone's life?
(a) A male companion.
(b) A female companion.
(c) The blood of a healthy man.
(d) A specific herb.

2. What relationship does Mosca have with Valpone?
(a) He is Valpone's brother.
(b) He is Valpone's son.
(c) He is Valpone's business partner.
(d) He is Valpone's assistant.

3. What does Corbaccio gift to Valpone after hearing that Voltore was there earlier?
(a) His watch.
(b) A bag of coins.
(c) The feather from his hat.
(d) His silver shoestrings.

4. Who is married to Celia?
(a) Corbaccio.
(b) Corvino.
(c) Valpone.
(d) Voltore.

5. Where does Corvino press the jewels he has brought for Valpone?
(a) Against Valpone's heart.
(b) Into Valpone's hand.
(c) Next to Valpone's ear.
(d) Against Valpone's temple.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal is Mosca's name associated with?

2. Which of the following terms do Mosca and Valpone use to describe their visitors?

3. During what era is Valpone's story set?

4. How is Celia treated by her husband?

5. How does Sir Political Would-Be describe the two men who arrive at Celia's house?

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