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Essay Topic 1

Many critics of Jonson's play argue that Jonson, as the narrator and creator of the play, is an arrogant and boastful author. Describe two moments in which Jonson appears arrogant, and argue whether or not you agree with the critics based on the two examples provided. What motivations might Jonson have for creating an arrogant persona as the narrator of this play?

Essay Topic 2

There is a strict caste system in the world in which Valpone resides. Describe each of the levels of the caste system, who lives in each level, and how the levels can be identified by the audience, either through reading the text or watching a production of the play on stage.

Essay Topic 3

Valpone has three main suitors who seek to work their way into Valpone's will. Describe each of the three suitors and explain each of their methods for attempting to...

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