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Nathan Huggins
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is given credit to be the first Negro poet to be able to "rise to a height from which he could take a perspective view of his own race"?
(a) Paul Laurence Dunbar.
(b) Paul Doohey.
(c) Paulene Laurence.
(d) Lauren Dunbar.

2. What is the title of McKay's poem where people gather around a lynched man?
(a) "To Witness Lynching".
(b) "The Lynched".
(c) "Lynched: Past and Present".
(d) "The Lynching".

3. Who is the author of "Song of the Son"?
(a) Randolph.
(b) Hughes.
(c) Domingo.
(d) Toomer.

4. Why do people in the village go to visit Uncle Monday in "Uncle Monday"?
(a) For his craft.
(b) To take pictures.
(c) To be cured.
(d) To hear his stories.

5. What animal remains by Aunt Judy Bickerstaff in "Uncle Monday" until she begins to doubt herself?
(a) A giraffe.
(b) A crocodile.
(c) An alligator.
(d) A snake.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of music is in "The Banjo Player"?

2. How many pieces of art does the last section in "Afro-American Past - History and Folk Tradition" have?

3. Why has democracy worked so well in America, according to "Our Greatest Gift to America"?

4. What does the author of "Go Down Death" describe the poem as?

5. What does Hurston examine in "Spiritual and Neo-Spiritual"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Schuyler's opinion of democracy.

2. Discuss what happens in Wallace Thurman's "Infants of Spring".

3. Discuss what Locke suggest in "Sterling Brown: The New Negro Folk Poet".

4. Discuss what the singing stone is in "Uncle Monday" by Hurston.

5. Discuss the idea George S. Schuyler's presents in "The Negro-Art Hokum".

6. Discuss the three facts that Arthur A. Schomburg presents in "The Negro Digs Up His Past".

7. Discuss the significance of the writing style in Cuney's poem, "Conception".

8. Describe Uncle Monday in "Uncle Monday" by Hurston.

9. Discuss what Hughes's poem "Mother to Son" addresses.

10. Discuss what is described in "The Lynching" by Claude McKay.

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