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Nathan Huggins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Afro-American Identity - Who Am I?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of changes does Locke see in the overall perception of Negroes?
(a) Negative changes.
(b) Postive changes.
(c) Small changes.
(d) Big, radical changes.

2. Who wrote "If We Must Die"?
(a) Garvey.
(b) Randolph.
(c) Domingo.
(d) James Weldon Johnson.

3. What do the essays in the section "Afro-American Identity - Who Am I" have in common?
(a) Where negroes came from.
(b) They connect Negroe relationships with their white counterparts.
(c) Negroes desire to learn.
(d) Negroes ancestry.

4. What does Locke question in "The Legacy of Ancestral Arts"?
(a) The popularity of Negro arts.
(b) How Negro art forms were formed.
(c) What makes something art.
(d) The ancestry of art.

5. Who wrote the essay "Race Pride"?
(a) Domingo.
(b) Du Bois.
(c) Randolph.
(d) Garvey.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Garvey, what does he feel is the opposite result of the construction of a great African nation?

2. What does McKay describe in "A Long Way from Home"?

3. In "Africa for the Africans", what does Domingo say about the enslavement of Negroes?

4. What is the essay "To a Dark Girl" about?

5. What did the police officer of Johnson's essay think the wife was doing on the street corner?

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