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Nathan Huggins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Urban Setting.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the title of Marcus A. Garvey's essay that follows "Garveyism"?
(a) "Africa for the Africans".
(b) "The New Negro".
(c) "The New Negro- What Is He".
(d) If We Must Die".

2. Who was selected president for the group that was formed in response to the police's refusals?
(a) Willy Breaks.
(b) William H. Brooks.
(c) William Bradford.
(d) Bill Brooks.

3. What does the "New Negro" believe in?
(a) The rights of others and free press and assembly.
(b) The rights to be wealthy.
(c) The rights of equality.
(d) The rights to work with whites.

4. According to Domingo, what are the men of the "Old Crowd" filled with?
(a) Men who turn the other cheek.
(b) Men who care for only themselves.
(c) Men who fight.
(d) Men who are weak and old.

5. Which story calls for donations to a defense fund for those accused of participation in recent riots?
(a) "Garveyism".
(b) "The New Negro".
(c) "Defense of the Negro Rioters".
(d) "If We Must Die".

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the police officer of Johnson's essay think the wife was doing on the street corner?

2. What specifically does Hughes describe in his impression of Harlem?

3. Which essay addresses the August 1900 incident?

4. Who is the author of "A New Crowd - A New Negro"?

5. What follows the essay "A Long Way from Home"?

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