Objects & Places from Voices from the Harlem Renaissance

Nathan Huggins
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Harlem - This place in New York is said to be the place where a renaissance of Negro artistic endeavors occur in the 1920s.

Garveyism - This term is used to describe the ideals and the plan to establish a nation in Africa as seen throughout the section titled the New Negro Radicalism.

The Cotton Club - This is listed as one of the best-known night spots of Harlem as listed in the Urban Setting section.

Ellis Island - This is where those arriving in New York were taken in and examined.

Pop Overton's Barber Shop - This is where Eight-Ball and Dirty Cozzens almost have a fight in Blades of Steel by Fisher.

West Illana - The freighter described by Langston Hughes in Luani of the Jungles.

Jook - This is a word introduced by Zora Neale Hurston in Characteristics of Negro Expression, which means a...

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