Voices from the Harlem Renaissance Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nathan Huggins
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New Negro Radicalism

• New Negro Radicalism

• "Voices from the Harlem Renaissance" is a compilation of essays, stories, poems, interviews, and some personal journal or diary entries.

• The book is divided into 7 sections.

• The book begins with an essay entitled "From the Messenger - A Menace to Radicalism" in which the author states that a Negro will turn on another Negro if ordered to do so.
• The essay entitled "A New Crowd - A New World" deals with the old crowd mentality in comparison to the new crowd mentality.

• The question of who will become a leader is raised when considering the progression and transformation of the Negro race.

• The new Negro is someone willing to fight fire with fire and will stand up for the "law of self preservation".

• Domingo writes an essay that says Negroes have been manipulated into killing and enslaving other Negroes.
• "Garveyism" addresses the...

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