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Short Answer Questions

1. After his heart attack, at what hospital is Walter Bass being treated?

2. How old is Carl Swedborg?

3. What car does Pitt have that he took off the Titanic?

4. At what time does a taxi leave Jarvis in a hangar at the Washington National Airport?

5. Where is Lusana staying while he is in Washington?

Short Essay Questions

1. When does Pitt believe that Fawkes will attack and why?

2. What does Daggat suggest that Lusana do about the massacre ordered by Jumana?

3. How does Pitt determine which battleship is involved in Operation Wild Rose?

4. What reason does Sandecker give Ravenfoot for wanting to track down a load of old sixteen-inch naval shells?

5. Why did Bass halt the test series for the Doomsday organism?

6. What do Pitt and Jarvis discover when they go to the Forbes Shipyard to confirm the Iowa's presence in the shipyard?

7. What will happen to Sandecker and Steiger when the helicopter runs out of fuel?

8. Why didn't Fawkes try to avoid colliding with the fishing trawler?

9. What happened when Pitt tried to tackle Emma?

10. What does Pitt tell Sandecker and Steiger to do while they are trying to get the Quick Death organism to the sea that is attached to the helicopter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Felicia and Loren. Use examples from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the overall mood of "Vixen 03."

Essay Topic 3

Cussler introduces the concept of a biological weapon that is so dangerous its effects are felt for hundreds of years, but can be destroyed by water. Discuss how Cussler established the likelihood of this weapon and whether he sufficiently establishes the probability of such a weapon.

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