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Short Answer Questions

1. How many years did Fawkes serve in the Royal Navy?

2. How do Loren and Felicia know each other?

3. How many stainless-steel canisters are in the cargo bay of Vylander's plane?

4. What type of an animal head is hung on the wall of the cabin where Pitt is staying?

5. How long is the runway at Buckley Naval Air Station?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of information is in Lusana's FBI file?

2. What method does Folsom suggest that Pitt use to raise the Chenago?

3. What does Vylander do once the Boeing C-97 reaches an altitude of 16,000 feet?

4. Why is Major Vylander concerned that he will not be able to get the Boeing C-97 off the ground?

5. What do the Air Force records show about the plane that matches the nose gear Pitt found?

6. Who buried the Fawkes' family?

7. How does Steiger explain the fact that the nose gear was found in Colorado?

8. What makes Pitt think that the Vixen 03 was transporting a dangerous cargo?

9. Describe the place where Loren and Pitt are staying in Colorado.

10. How did Loren and Pitt meet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some characters believe that the end justifies the means. Discuss which characters believe that the end justifies the means using examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Argue whether Fawkes does or does not regret his actions during Operation Wild Rose. Use examples from the novel to support your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Argue whether there is more than one protagonist or antagonist in the novel. Use examples from the novel to support your position.

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