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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many feet per second is the Doomsday projectile designed to descend?
(a) 22 feet per second.
(b) 15 feet per second.
(c) 18 feet per second.
(d) 25 feet per second.

2. How far does the storage area run underground where Pitt and Mapes look for the weapons that Raferty sold?
(a) 2 miles.
(b) 4 miles.
(c) 3 miles.
(d) 1/2 mile.

3. Where does Maxine Raferty shoot Giordino?
(a) In the thigh.
(b) In the back.
(c) In the arm.
(d) In the shoulder.

4. How does the superintendent of the Forbes shipyard happen to be driving by the shipyard so late?
(a) He always inspects the yard at that time of the evening.
(b) He came to pick up blueprints.
(c) He came to get some invoices.
(d) He came to pick up some shipping labels.

5. What car does Pitt have that he took off the Titanic?
(a) 1908 Lancia Alfa.
(b) 1912 Fiat Zero.
(c) 1912 Renault Open-drive Landaulette.
(d) 1906 Peugeot Type 81.

6. How many AAR guerrillas conducted the raid on Tazareen?
(a) 300.
(b) 150.
(c) 175.
(d) 200.

7. How much time elapses between the parachute's ejection on the Quick Death projectile and the dispersal of Quick Death?
(a) 30 seconds.
(b) 15 seconds.
(c) 35 seconds.
(d) 40 seconds.

8. What river is Fawkes sailing with the Iowa?
(a) Connecticut.
(b) Susquehanna.
(c) Delaware.
(d) Potomac.

9. How long had the car that Pitt rescued from the Titanic been under water?
(a) 70 years.
(b) 40 years.
(c) 90 years.
(d) 80 years.

10. How many pounds is Sandecker able to jettison out the cargo door of the helicopter?
(a) About 400 pounds.
(b) 350 pounds.
(c) 200 pounds.
(d) About 500 pounds.

11. When did Felicia and Loren see each other last?
(a) Last class reunion.
(b) Last inaugural ball.
(c) 8 years ago.
(d) 6 years ago.

12. Where did Fawkes sleep the first week he was working on the ship?
(a) Captain's quarters.
(b) Boiler room.
(c) Engine room.
(d) Control room.

13. What is marked on the bunker where Pitt and Mapes look for the weapons that Raferty sold?
(a) Arsenal 10.
(b) Bunker 9.
(c) Arsenal 6.
(d) Bunker 15.

14. How fast does Pitt soar over the Potomac in the NUMA helicopter?
(a) 175 mph.
(b) Nearly 100 mph.
(c) Nearly 200 mph.
(d) 150 mph.

15. What are the worst of Pitt's wounds after he drops onto the Iowa?
(a) 2-3 cracked ribs.
(b) Dislocated shoulder.
(c) Broken arm.
(d) Cracked ankle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who bought thirty-seven shells from Phalanx Arms Corporation?

2. By how many tons does Fawkes wish to lighten his ship?

3. How old was Lusana when his father deserted him, his mother, and his siblings?

4. Where does Loren meet Daggat and Felicia in Chapter 48?

5. Where is Dale Jarvis having lunch in Chapter 47?

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