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Lesson 1 (from Oblivion)


In "Oblivion," Major Vylander reluctantly pilots a heavily loaded cargo plane in a storm. The objective of this lesson is to discuss why Major Vylander is reluctant to pilot the plane.


1) Class discussion: What is the temperature as the plane is prepared to fly? Is it windy? What type of precipitation is falling? Is the snow icing up the plane's wings and fuselage? Why doesn't Major Vylander like what he sees? How is the visibility that night? Is that another problem for Vylander? Why or why not? Is that a reason why Vylander is reluctant to fly? Would Vylander fly in the storm if he was given a choice? Why or why not?

2) Partner discussion: Divide the class into groups of 2-3. How much does the plane's cargo weigh? Why is a full fuel load a problem for take off? What is the problem with...

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