Vixen 03 Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt

This character was a major in the United States Air Force, but now works for the National Underwater and Marine Agency, NUMA.

Congresswoman Loren Smith

This character is a member of Congress who is dating a NUMA employee and the White House press secretary.

Hiram Lusana

This character is a poor American who was forced to turn to criminal activity to support siblings and continues a life of crime as an adult.

Congressman Frederick Daggat

This character is a member of Congress who believes that the advancement of any black is good for all blacks.

Felicia Collins

This character helps set up a member of Congress to be photographed with a lover by giving the member of Congress keys to an apartment where the tryst takes place.

Colonel Abe Steiger

This character is a military officer who performs a job that is the military version of...

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