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• January 1954 in Colorado, Major Vylander is preparing his aircraft for takeoff.

• Vylander is concerned that the cargo is so heavy that the aircraft may not be able to make it into the air and he is also concerned about the secretive nature of the cargo.

• Although Vylander doesn't like not knowing what is going on, he follows his orders.

• The plane does resist takeoff because of the heavy load, but lifts off just before the end of the runway.
• The flight is proceeding smoothly, so Vylander looks over the cargo in the cargo bay to make sure it is secure.

• While inspecting the stainless steel canisters, Vylander is shocked at the words on a small plate that has fallen off a canister.

• Suddenly the plane begins to fill with smoke, and Vylander returns to the cockpit.

• One of the plane's engines has thrown a propeller.
• Vylander chooses...

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